Big Boss 13: Himesh Reshammiya’s Simple Request Leads To Another Fight, Rashami Termed as ‘Thief’ Again!


Big Boss 13 is a house full of surprises. Not only do the contestants never fail to surprise the audience but the makers aren’t any different. The coming of various celebrities into the house for tasks brings about more spice into the house. This morning Himesh Reshammiya entered the house along with the morning song.

Himesh came into the house to start the day on a musical note. He sings and greets everyone. All are in a good mood and dance along with him.

Himesh’s Tea Request Creates Ruckus

Himesh then goes on to request Mahira Sharma for a cup of tea. She goes to search for the tea leaves and informs him that as soon as she finds the tea leaves she will make tea for him. Himesh then calls Rashami Desai and tells her that if she could give the tea leaves that she had hidden then he could have a cup of tea. This sends ripples across the house since no one knew that Rashami had hidden the tea leaves.Himesh very skillfully exposes Rashami.

Himesh’s request for one cup of tea could lead to yet another outburst in the house. To find out, watch Big Boss 13 tonight.



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