Bharathi Kannamma serial to end soon? Here are the details from latest promo

Bharathi Kannamma ending

Fans are wondering if the ‘Bharathi Kannamma’ serial airing on Vijay TV will end soon.

It has been 8 years since Bharati and Kannamma, who were pregnant, split up due to Venbaa’s intrigue. Meanwhile, Kannamma, who was unconscious, did not know the details of her twin children’s birth. So the mother-in-law, Soundarya, is raising the Kannamma child. Bharathi still does not know that Hema, who is affectionate towards her, is her own child.

Meanwhile, the cooking contract of the school where Hema is studying is available to Kannamma. Unbeknownst to her mother, Hema becomes close to Kannamma as she calls her aunty. Meanwhile, when Bharathi discusses making sweets at home, his child Hema recommends Kannamma.

Hema also calls her and gives her home address to the auto driver. Kannamma goes to the address provided by Hema without knowing that she is going to Bharathi’s house. In the promo released by Vijay TV, Kannamma, who went in an auto, is getting ready to leave as it is Bharathi’s house. When Hema sees her, she stubbornly comes and takes Kannamma home. Will Kannamma find out that Hema is also her child? Will ‘Bharati Kannamma’ end if it comes to that? Let’s wait and see.


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