Bharathi Kannamma Roshini dance video goes viral on social media

Bhararthi Kannamma Roshini

Bharathi Kannamma serial has been on the top hit serial list for several months. The face of every actor starring in the serial is well imprinted in the minds of the fans. Subsequently, Bharathi Kannamma also shows a lot of twists which has kept fans interested in this show.

It is said that there will be more action scenes shortly, and fans are eager to know about Venba’s pregnancy twist in the upcoming days.

Roshini, who is currently playing the role of Kannamma in the serial, has posted a dance video for the song ‘Vada Rasa’ on her Instagram page. She is seen dancing in a saree, and this video is going viral on social media.

Fans who have seen it are shocked to see the calm ‘Kannanma’ dancing so vigorously for the song and are liking and commenting on this post.


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