Bharathi Baskar health condition has improved, updates from doctors and family members

Bharathi Baskar health updates

News has been reported about progress in Bharathi Baskar’s health. A few days ago, Bharathi Baskar was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai. Bharathi had a hemorrhage in the brain and was immediately admitted to the hospital. Doctors were trying to rectify this without surgery, and she was constantly monitored with intense treatment.

Meanwhile, Bharathi Baskar’s hospital information has reached netizens, and everyone was praying for her speedy recovery. Netizens are constantly asking about updates on her health condition. Now, Doctors have said that Bharathi’s health has improved, and she will soon be discharged. This news has made her fans happy.

The famous Pattimandram speaker Bharathi Bhaskar is famous for her bold thoughts shared in a humorous way, which has attracted many fans. Often she will be seen during the special Pattimandram program with Solomon Papayya as the judge. She, along with Raja, provides laugh riots through their speech during special pattimandrams. Bharathi Baskar has studied Chemical Engineering and MBA; she has been serving in an important position in a private Bank.



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