Beyhadh 2 January 2nd Episode Highlights: Maya Performed her last move, Rudra disrupts MJ Roy’s celebration!


Beyhadh 2 is a sensational hit among its fans. The show is getting daily twists and turns, due to which there is constant curiosity among the fans. The story of Beyhadh 2 is at a very interesting turn. Today’s episode shows that MJ Roy will be very happy to beat Maya, but his happiness will change to sorrow when his son Rudra suddenly arrives in the house and will call his name in front of everyone.

MJ Roy is seen asking him for this action of Rudra, what happened to son Rudra. At the same time, Rudra, looking at MJ Roy, seems to be pointing towards something, upon seeing which MJ Roy’s senses fly away.

At the same time, it was also shown in the promo of the show that Rudra talks to Maya about his father. Maya tells Rudra that after all there is blood and blood and you have shown your true identity. In response to this, Rudra tells Maya that what do you know about me and my father.

Beyhadh 2 January 2nd Episode Spoilers: What Is Maya’s Next Plan of Action?

Now today’s episode is going to be quite interesting because maybe Maya has told Rudra all the truth about her father. If this happens, then the long wait for the audience to know Maya’s past will be over. But Maya does not open her cards so easily, then it may be that she has exposed another secret to Rudra. Whatever it is, but seeing the anger of Rudra, it seems that once again the relationship between the father and the son will be broken.

Talking about the last episode, in the last episode it was shown that MJ Roy had kidnapped Rajiv’s close Rajeev by throwing water on Maya’s intentions, while both MJ Roy’s sons Rudra and Rishi knew the truth about Maya. It has gone. Due to which the life of the sage is in danger. While chasing Maya, the sage goes after him but he does not know that he is getting trapped in Maya’s web.


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