BBK8 Elimination: Double elimination expected with Shamanth and Chakravarthy with low votes

BBK8 elimination raghu chakravarthy

Every season, some common ideas are found in the Bigg Boss house. Wild card entry, double elimination is one of them. Three people have already received entry through the wild card at the Bigg Boss house. But, so far, there is no double elimination. Also, the days are shorter, and the number of competitors is higher. For this reason, double-elimination is due this week. Big Boss has been instructed on this.

When the second innings started, Kicha Sudeep said Bigg Boss would be in for a month. If he were to say, then this week’s Finale was to be. However, that is not the case. The Bigg Boss Finale is set to take place on August 8. Before that, a double elimination was taking place at the Bigg Boss house.

This week Prashant Sambaragi, Shubha Poonja, Shamant Bro Gowda, Chakravarti Chandrachud, and Divya Uruduga are on the nomination list. Two of the five could be out this week. Divya Uruduga is the captain of the Bigg Boss at the house. Shubha Poonja is also playing well. Thus both can be saved.

When Priyanka was eliminated last week, the way Chakravarthy Chandrachud behaved was not as pleasing to many. He leaned over to Priyanka to look at her. This has led to the outrage of the people. For this reason, he is said to be the first to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house this week.

Bigg Boss said there is a twist this week. Thus, Chakravarthy’s conduct can be dismissed first. Fans reckon that one of the two eliminations, but Prashant Sambaragi or Bro Gowda will be out with the Emperor.


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