BB Jodigal: A new dance reality show featuring Bigg Boss contestants from all seasons

Bigg Boss Jodigal

Bigg Boss Jodigal: A new show called BB Jodigal is about to launch.

Vijay TV has a separate cast for the Bigg Boss show hosted by actor Kamal Haasan. Having completed three seasons, its fans are still eagerly awaiting when the next season will begin. All of the contestants who took part in it got better reach. From the first season of Oviya to last season Aari, they have got a separate fan base. After attending this, many people came and started concentrating. Numerous celebrities are waiting for the opportunity to become famous by attending the Bigg Boss.

In this case, the new show Vijay TV is about to launch together with several Bigg Boss celebrities under the name called ‘Bigg Boss Jodis.’ It is attended by many, including ‘Cook with Comali’ winner and Bigg Boss fame Vanitha, Sandy Master, ‘Dadi’ Balaji.

The promo video released by Vijay TV shows that Somsekar – Shivani, Aajeedh – Gabriella, Vanitha – Samyuktha – Shariq, ‘Dadi’ Balaji – Nisha are going to participate as a couple. Also, Senrayan and Mohan Vaidya are featured in the promo. The promo also mentions that these are not couples but judges. There has been a lot of anticipation among the viewers about who will be the contestants and how the show will be.



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