Baubles + Soles from Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 7 – Unknown Facts and Who is the founder?

Baubles + Soles shark tank

Baubles + Soles is a children’s shoe company which will be featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 7 airing tonight Saturday November 10 2019. A first-time mother started Baubles + Soles after she became frustrated by the need to buy multiple pairs of shoes for her daughter even though her daughter was going to outgrow them more quickly than she could wear them. The solution: create a pair of shoes with interchangeable “baubles” to transform the look of the shoe and style with different outfits.

What’s more, each bauble reattaches to successive shoe sizes using Baubles + Soles’ patent-pending twist-and-lock mechanism. The collectible baubles are cute and fun, making the dressing up process a joy for little ones and parents alike. Modern parenting is also made simpler with quality handcrafted American-made shoes that are machine washable, slip-resistant and fully recyclable.

The ultimate goal is to make the lives of modern parents as easy as possible while being kind to the earth. Baubles + Soles are made with a strong, patented plastic blend that is machine washable and dishwasher safe.

They are slip-resistant and provide much-needed support to the early walker. Lightweight, flexible and extremely comfortable, the one-piece construction also means no toxic glue, buttons, and buckles to fall apart and trip our little ones. 100% Vegan friendly, the entire footwear line contains no animal skins or byproducts and are fully recyclable.

The twist lock is secure, functional, and easy to use. The insert-and-twist lock mechanism can withstand a 30 lb. pull-force and requires two steps to disengage, making the baubles safe and secure for little soles. To remove your bauble, place 2-3 fingers inside the show under the metal disks, push down on the center of the bauble with your palm, and rotate clockwise until it detaches (like a medicine cap).
Baubles + Soles which is featured on Shark Tank is available on Amazon –,p_4:Baubles+++Soles&ref=w_bl_sl_s_sh_web_7141123011&linkCode=ll2&tag=thecrunch21-20&linkId=f2da35e9251e27c230dcc8a2f34ab2fc&language=en_US

Why Baubles + Soles Top 5 Facts

  • The patented material is strong yet soft, lightweight and flexible for growing feet
  • Two heart baubles included – others sold separately (see below for complete bauble list)
  • Peephole for easy slip-on and air vents for breathability/water drainage
  • Slip-resistant, water resistant, and non-toxic
  • Machine washable and dishwasher safe

Baubles + Shoes Founder Lisa Nguyen Unknown Facts
  • Lisa Nguyen won a worldwide talent search on Vietnamese Idol 2007 and became a host for Asia Entertainment Inc.’s variety shows
  • Lisa was producing a weekly show called Life+Style for the Saigon Broadcasting Television Network
  • Simultaneously she was studying law through the University of Sydney, earning a Master of Law in 2008.
  • Lisa Nguyen went on to establish the Senhoa Foundation, a program that supports survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia.
  • Nguyen oversees implementation of field programs, is in charge of donor relations and fundraising and provides leadership to staff, volunteers and partners in the US and Cambodia.
  • Over the years Nguyen also volunteered with several NGOs that provide legal services and advocacy relating to refugee protection.
  • Once Nguyen became a mother it came with numerous unexpected problems, most of which are small issues–annoying perhaps, but not life threatening or terribly serious.
  • Telling her story on the Baubles + Soles website, Nguyen recalls how frustrated she was that she needed to buy numerous pairs of shoes for her daughter in order to match different outfits.
  • It was particularly annoying because she knew that her daughter would grow out of most of the shoes before they were really used.
  • What if there were a shoe that had interchangeable “baubles” so that one pair could be used to go from playground to school and then to a party?
  • Since there wasn’t such a shoe on the market, Nguyen enlisted her husband and together they worked for almost two years on research and design.
  • Baubles + Soles was officially established in 2017

Will she get a deal? We have to wait and watch. Baubles + Soles is available on Amazon,p_4:Baubles+++Soles&ref=w_bl_sl_s_sh_web_7141123011&linkCode=ll2&tag=thecrunch21-20&linkId=f2da35e9251e27c230dcc8a2f34ab2fc&language=en_US



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