Balaji Murugadoss visits Shivani Narayanan’s house for a birthday party, photo goes viral on social media

Balaji Shivani party

Netizens are condemning the photo of Balaji Murugadoss attending a birthday party at the house of Bigg Boss Shivani Narayanan, which is currently going viral on social media.

Shivani Narayanan was said to be in the grip of Balaji Murugadoss, who attended the Bigg Boss show. It is also learned that Shivani’s mother severely scolded Shivani when she went to Bigg Boss’s house during family week for being close to Balaji.

However, Shivani left the Big Boss show 90 days later as a ‘Singapen’ after winning the Ticket to Finale task. It is noteworthy that after that, she did not show much intimacy with Balaji.

In this situation, the photos of Balaji Murugadoss, Samyukta, and Aajeedh attending a recent birthday party at Shivani’s house have gone viral on social media. It is learned that the trio attended the first birthday party of a puppy growing up at Shivani’s house.

The photo went viral on the one hand, and Netizens condemn it, asking if the dog needs a cake-cutting birthday party?


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