Balaji Murugadoss selfie with Shivani Narayanan and her mother from birthday celebration goes viral on social media

Balaji with shivani mother

Shivani Narayanan, one of the contestants of the Bigg Boss show, celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday. Balaji Murugadoss, a fellow contestant of the Bigg Boss show, attended the birthday celebration. It is noteworthy that he had posted a few selfie photos on his Instagram page with Shivani where he was seen feeding her cake, and those photos were hugely popular among the fans.

In this situation, Balaji has shared another photo on his Instagram page in which he was seen taking a selfie with Shivani’s mother. He also captioned the post, “Welcome to the 20s Club,” and wished Shivani a happy birthday.

It is noteworthy that her mother severely scolded Shivani for being close to Balaji during the Bigg Boss show, and she did not say a single word to Balaji in that episode. It has come as a surprise to everyone that she has taken a selfie photo with Balaji at this stage.



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