Balaji Murugadoss says he is not happy if Aari wins Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Title

Aari Bigg Boss Title winner

Bigg Boss Tamil yesterday’s episode ended with Balaji talking to Aajeedhh and Shivani about the title winner of this season as the task of visiting relatives at the Bigg Boss house ended.

When Balaji spoke to Aajeedh, he said, “If I only win the title, it will become the Big Boss show trend. He also says it will be on a different level.” Aajeedh also accepts this.

Similarly, when Balaji told Shivani about Aari playing, ‘Ari has good patience and understanding. That’s not to say he’s bad, but at the same time, he’s not good. I can not accept that he is good because he covers up the mistakes on his side. Aari hides his faults and points out others’ faults to get things done in his favor. His honesty has been beaten right there.

Also, Aari is playing a different level game. You all think Ramya is playing better. But that is not true. She’s the only one playing another level Bigg Boss game. It’s like congratulating someone, but he’s going to put a bit on that greeting as well. I could not accept him as good because I knew every part of his game. If Aari wins the title, I will definitely regret it. I will not hesitate to tell this to Kamal Sir’. Netizens are commenting that this shows Balaji’s fear over Aari’s support from the audience.


  1. Dai Balaji pombala poriki,Did u hear what Shivani mum told abt u.Isnt it a tight slap for u.Ur coward trying to be close to listen
    What shivani mum is saying.If got bols why not ask her mum why she is condemning u to her daughter.she even said to tell u ,shivani not here to be ur ayama,but to player her game.If any one in ur shoes will naake pudigithu savagada.
    U try to fool around with Shivani,but her mum stop ur hank panky.
    Dai, her mum talk and wish all the housemates except u.Why daa fool.Dont u think all this.
    Urnaa ke sudu sorrana yeelaya.
    Yaantha ladies nee leave panniruka.thats why ur gf left u becos of ur character.ur a
    Arra payeethiyam Daa.
    Now u know u cant win.u try to poison the ladies by saying Shivani or Ramya or Gaby
    Win ur happy.To whom ur kindy.U think if that happens either one will jump into ur bed.Dai fool,u aim for the title.U think audience ar fools to vote for u based on ur character.lately u try to pick up a fight with Aari so Aari can be evicted.,U said i wont do the cleaning to Ajeedh when told to do so.its u and Ajeedh job,so whats wrong when Aari told to do so.U purposely pickup the fight as ur brother told u what the audience think of Aari and his standing..To break it u show ur colors and both u and Aari went to jail.If ur man of ur words tell Kamal sir,U dont like Aari to win the title BB 4. If fail plse wear gown and come out muutal.
    Lets the audience show u the way to evict once and for all.Now the stupid Rio wants to pick the fight.Just only his wife advice him to be his self and play his game,but Rio try to be smart by taking on Aari.Dai tambi u cant even speak proper English.trying to find meaning for certain words.Why ur backside itchy,want to be evicted.Then walk out soon quietly.

    Aari now u ar being targeted based on what the parents of housemates told them.Everyone will try to provoke u to the maximum to lose ur temper.Be cool and keep ur patience during this time,as everyone try to evict u for their personal
    gain @ Balaji the fool ,Rio the scavenger
    No man ar perfect,make less mistakes and show ur smiling face.
    Aari as said Kadavul irukada,


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