Balaji Murugadoss Father dead: BB contestant Balaji Murugadoss father passed away, netizens offering condolences

Balaji Murugadoss family

Bigg Boss season 4 Tamil was a huge success because of Balaji Murugadoss, as he played the game with honesty and never backstabbed anyone. He also provided controversy and content for the organizers, and fans were hooked to the show due to his presence. Balaji ended up as the show’s runner; an unknown person with no film background ended up as the runner of such a popular show has earned him a lot of fans.

It’s revealed that Balaji Murugadoss’s father passed away today, and his brother Ramesh on his Instagram account has confirmed it. On hearing this news, netizens are offering their condolences on social media. We at TheNewsCrunch offer our prayers to Balaji Murugadoss’s family.
Balaji Murugadoss father
Here are some of the tweets:



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