Baby Ayra Video Recognizing Her Dad Yash Without Beard Goes Viral, Her Mother Radhika Pandit Posted the Cutest Video of Ayra Ever!


Rocking Star Yash and Sandalwood heartthrob Radhika Pandit are active on social media after the birth of their daughter, Ayra. Ayra is been the Taimur of Karnataka. Ayra seems to be attracting all the attention for every video posted by her parents. Recently, Yash uploaded a video of her daughter’s speech.


Actress Radhika Pandit posted a video of her cute daughter which has gone viral. In the video, Radhika Pandit is asking her Baby doll Ayra to recognize her dad Yash from their wedding picture. Baby Ayra correctly spots her dad and Radhika Pandit asks Baby Ayra where her mom is. Baby Ayra correctly spots her as well and claps in joy.

The video of Baby Ayra was taken when she was 8 months. However, Baby Ayra is 10 months old now. Ayra is a viral sensation on social media and any video of Baby Ayra posted on the internet goes viral.

Radhika Pandit’s post also attracted questions about the language she is talking in with Ayra. Radhika was speaking to Ayra in Konkani and fans of Yash questioned if Baby Ayra understands Telugu.


Radhika Pandit responded to the comments saying, “Baby Ayra responds to her dad’s Telugu and mom’s Konkani equally well”.




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