Baarish Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast Revealed!


The monsoons in Mumbai is a whole new feeling, it is more of an emotion. Any person living in Mumbai will clearly highlight the difference between rains in Mumbai and anywhere else. The skies pour as there are so many falling in love. Baarish by Ekta Kapoor has caught the essence of love blossoming as the skies unleash the most romantic element, the first season was cheesy and romantic, the second season thunders just as the rain has its bad days.

Baarish starred Asha Negi and Sharman Joshi in the lead roles. The web series marked the digital debut of both Negi and Joshi. The first season premiered in 2019. Baarish explored the journey when two complete strangers coming from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds meet. Baarish season 2 released on May 6th 2020.

It’s gripping story has yet again caught the attention of loyal viewers as well as new audience. Audience now eagerly awaits Baarish Season 3 and if all goes well it should be released in 2021.

Baarish Season 3 Trailer

Anuj and Gauravi try to experience the true happiness that comes with a relationship. But unlike the first season, this time around they are more expressive about their love and that works wonders for them. But every love story has its set of troubles. Anuj and Gauravi reclaim their old lifestyle but grow apart putting pieces of the puzzle together.

Paradise is soon hit with a storm, to that extent that the couple contemplates divorce. They find a relationship counsellor in Jeetuji ( Jeetendra). The approach towards romance in the second season is more crisp. Since Season 2 just released there is no announcement of the next season as of now.

Watch the trailer of Season 2 until the trailer of Season 3 releases:

Baarish Season 3 Plot

Every narrative has a point of view. The first season was narrated from Gauravi’s perspective. The second season on the other hand was approached through Anuj’s point of view. In the second season Anuj has changed tremendously and so has his relationship with Guaravi. As things go south the couple head for counselling to Jeetu Bhai ( Jeetendra). Gauravi has spent months in jail protecting her husband.

When she is bailed out their lifestyle has taken a turn for the worse. Together Anuj and Gauravi start afresh and witness their share of twists and turns. They pull themselves out of unemployment, own a one bedroom apartment and head towards a plush villa. Anuj and Gauravi put pieces together as they rebuild their lives.

Baarish Season 3 Cast

Season two of Baarish saw a repeat of the cast from the previous season with a special entry. The makers of the web series also announced the entry of Veteran actor Jitendra in season two. He marked his digital debut with Baarish 2.

The cast for the up and coming season incorporates Sharman Joshi as Anuj, Asha Negi as Gauravi, Priya Banerjee as Shreya, Sahil Shroff as Rishi, Shubhangi Latkar as Kanchan, Poulomi Das as Phalguni, Ashok Joshi as Paresh, Kunal Parwani as Sorab, Binaf Patel as Zeenia, Sanchita Puri as Arzoo, Muni Jha as Prathamesh, Meera Patharkar as Devyani, and others. Season 3 will have the same cast along with a few new additions.

How to Watch Baarish Season 3?

Baarish is an ALT Balaji original series and is only available to watch on the ALT Balaji App. Since Baarish Season 1 streamed only on ALT Balaji and season 2 followed suit, it is but natural that Season 3 will do the same . The app requires a subscription without which you are unable to watch the series:

  • Download the ALT Balaji App through App store or Play store
  • Subscribe for it and login into your account
  • Post login search for Baarish Season 2 (The web series was released on 6th May 2020)

Watch Season 2 of Baarish until Season 3 is released


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