Ayurythm Shark Tank Deal Update: Founders Strike a Golden Deal with Aman!

ayurythm shark tank india

Shark Tank India begins yet another week with a new range of exciting, aspirant startup founders from different parts of India. The Sharks for this week’s episodes in Shark Tank India will be Peyush Bansal (Lenskart), Namita (Emcure Pharma), Ghazal Alagh (MamaEarth), Vineeta Singh (Sugar Cosmetics) and Anupam (Shaadi.com).

AyuRythm is founded by an three experienced co-founders who are on a mission to take ayurvedic diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle through their app. AyuRythm aims to bring a revolution in trending ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment.

Shark Tank India Episode 31 Companies List

What Happened to AyuRythm in Shark Tank India?

  • AyuRythm is founded by an gritty entrepreneurs, Ramanath Padmanabhan, Sandeep Acharya, and Abhilesh Gupta who entered the Shark Tank with a mission to raise investment for their holistic wellness app which uses Ayurveda principles
  • AyuRythm came into the Shark Tank India platform asking for INR 75 Lakhs for 2% equity in their exciting welness app based startup, ‘AyuRythm’.
  • AyuRythm tries to use Ayurvedic principles to improve health and wellness of its subscribers.
  • AyuRythm uses biomedical technology to use their app to record pulse, heart rate and convert them into ayurvedic parameters like ‘Vadha’, ‘Pitha’ and ‘Dosha’
  • AyuRythm received interest from Aman Gupta while the other sharks failed to gain interest in Ayurythm which has more than 25000 subscribers so far.
  • AyuRythm’s vision connected with Aman Gupta who showed interest in using their technology on his Boat smart watches. Hence, Aman offered a deal of INR 75 lakhs for 5%. However, the co-founders countered to 2.68% which matches their previous valuation.
  • Hence, AyuRythm got a deal from the sharks in Shark Tank India.

AyuRythm Shark Tank India Deal or No Deal?

Company AyuRythm
CEO/Co-Founders Ramanath Padmanabhan, Sandeep Acharya, and Abhilesh Gupta
Business Product Line Focuses on a microclimate storage for fruits and vegetables
Asked For ₹75 Lakhs for 2% Equity
Final Deal ₹75 Lakhs for 2.68% Equity
Sharks Invested Aman Gupta
Episode (Shark Tank India) Season 1 Episode 31(31st January)
Business Status In Business
Net Worth/Valuation ₹38 Crores
Website Website Link


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