Athi Varadar Special Arrangements – How to Book Tickets Online

athivaradhar online booking

We at TheNewsCrunch are covering Athi Varadhar darshan news exclusively with daily updates. Government of Tamil Nadu are making some special arrangements to manage crowd better and to make darshan experience better for devotees. We’re daily getting questions in our comment section about special queue for physically challenged and senior citizens. Yes there is a special queue at East Mada Veedhi for physically challenged, senior citizens and parents with infants but there are no proper signs directing them to over there. You can ask for East Mada Veedhi (Kizhaku Mada Veedhi) and join that queue for a quick darshan. There are around 1500 wheel chairs to facilitate people who cannot walk, also the government has made arrangements with battery cars and share autos to drop people at these queues.

For those standing in free Darshan queues government has made seating arrangements in between to facilitate those who cannot stand for long hours. Here is an image of seating arrangement (Courtesy – Ganesh Raghav)
athi varadhar seating arrangements

How to Book Athi Varadar Tickets Online – Rs 500 and Rs 300 Tickets

  • We get around 50 comments daily on booking special darshan and arthi seva tickets online. The website to book these tickets are linked below
  • Athivaradhar 500 Rs TicketSahasranama Booking Online
  • Athivaradhar 300 Rs TicketSpecial Darshan Ticket
  • Total number of tickets for 500 Rs. Darshan is 500. 250 in the morning and 250 in the evening. Booking starts at 10 am at the above mentioned website.
  • Total number of tickets for 300 Rs. Darshan is 2000. Darshan starts in the evening at 6pm. Booking starts at 11am at the above mentioned website.
  • Whoever booked are expected to be at West Gopuram around half an hour early from the above mentioned time on their tickets.
  • Aadhar card is mandatory for darshan
  • There are no locker rooms or cloak rooms, so pack light for your darshan.
  • There are no proper arrangements for you footwear so leave them at your risk or leave them in your vehicles
  • Car Park is at Pachayyappa college, you can take an auto from there to West Gopuram.
  • It’s possible to book for four members only at one time
  • All Children below 12 years needn’t be included in the members list
  • Keep the name, sex, age and aadhar number of all 4 individuals ready
  • If the payment is successful but didn’t get e-ticket, then you can download them from verify e-payment option or from this link provided here.
  • If online payment has been unsuccessful for a particular Aadhar number, through ePayment – Verify option the devotee needs to verify the earlier transactions with bank site by selection of option and then try to proceed to book the e-ticket for the particular Aadhar number
  • It may be noted that for one Aadhar number, only one booking is allowed. If on verification the status returned failure, booking for the same Aadhar number can be made
  • The ePayment – Verify option should not be used for fresh booking.

Athivaradhar ticket download


  1. how to go to kancheepuram from triplicane. whteher to take a bus or go by car or by go by train.
    what is the best time to leave home.
    Please guide

    • @Guruprasad Rao, Since you have to be early for free darshan your own vehicle is preferred, if your darshan is in the evening and if you take public transport then coming back would be difficult.

  2. All arrangements fine but for vips and vvips gangs which delays the general public darshan. Action required to curb this menace

  3. hi All,
    today I am waiting since 10 A.M in for ‘sahasranama dharsan’, the page is Dumb founded..
    so not only people are harassing us, even the God, huh

    • @Rajagopal Agreed sir, but we have to live with it. Check the Rs. 300 ticket at 11am. That has a much better success rate.

  4. Mr.Bryce winters,
    Thanks for the informative update. . Just happened to go through your posts. Please advise whether there is any change in online booking timings and number of days in advance , booking can be done.

  5. I submitted all the details including Aadhaar and other Home details. After that I got dialog box stated “Target requests (32) recieved. Please try again after clearance of pending transactions at bank side”. I tried number of times but got same above message. How to get Confirmation ticket.

  6. Hello Suresh, same here.. I am getting clearance of pending transactions at bank side for last 10 days. It’s really sucking.. one or two times a day is fine.. there is something wrong really at the back end or intentionally done.. why should they have such buggy online booking facility? If you see the donations link will always work.. because it’s revenue to the temple authority whereas the link where devottees want online booking, it will be buggy and no steps will be taken to resolve it.. but for some it’s working.. i really don’t understand the magic behind it…

  7. @Nivas and @Suresh. I am tired of trying the 300 Rs. ticket. I tried for four times. I got the same message as you had stated. Very frustrating.


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