Athi Varadhar Nindra Kolam Extremely Crowded August 1 2019

athi varadhar nindra kolam

The first day of Athi Varadhar Nindra Kolam seems to be extremely crowded and people who couldn’t get darshan yesterday stayed today and hence the crowd was as much as it was during weekends. It took four and half hours for one of the devotees who started in the queue at 3:15am. He said the police are guiding the crowd extremely well and there are toilets and other facilities now compared to his previous visit. He even said they are giving refreshments like biscuits and buttermilk to keep the crowd energised. He suggested to go in the evening as there might be less crowd as most of the people would finish their darshan by then. We will update about the evening crowd status and online booking (which is down) as soon as we get information on them.




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