Athi Varadar Special Darshan Booking Rs. 300 Newly Announced by Govt Of Tamil Nadu

athi varadar 300 rs ticket

Special Darshan Booking for Athi Varathar festival newly Announced by Govt. of Tamil Nadu. This special Darshan priced at Rs. 300 is new and since many have complained about non availability of Rs. 500 ticket TNHRCE and Government of Tamil Nadu have launched this new special darshan for everyone. More information on Special Darshan will be revealed in their official website by 18th July, 2019.
Athi Varadar Crowd Status Updated Daily!!
Special 300 Rs. ticket booking will start at 11 am in their official website. Stay tuned for more information. There are totally 2000 tickets issued daily and it can be booked 4 days in advance. Darshan timings is from 6 PM to 9:30 PM

How to Book Athi Varadar tickets online – A Step by Step guide.
Online Ticket Booking FAQs
300 rs ticket


  1. Sir yesterday we have booked 6 tickets of 300rs special darshan yesterday for 21st 6pm and successfully completed. But we did not get any information if timings or details by our mail or mobile. When we checked in the website it is showing confirmed but we don’t know the timings and the entrance place. Kindly help us with full details.

    • @JP Krishna, did you download the confirmation ticket.. Since 300 Rs. is a new ticket not a lot of information available at present, we will update them soon. We have contacted the officials regarding that and we will be updating shortly. In the mean time go earlier (1 to 2hrs early) to make sure you don’t miss on the darshan.

      • Sir, Tried booking 300 rupees tickets on the website.. After long wait, updated all details.. I am from Mumbai and clicked Maharashtra state. In drop down box of districts, there is no option to select Mumbai as the drop down box has only Tamil Nadu districts… So booking is not being taken for outside state? If I click Chennai, then it moves forward but says error as I have put Maharashtra state and Chennai District.. So unable to book tickets… Also website speed is pathetic.. See and learn from IRCTC website and they too handle lakhs of bookings every day.. It’s unfair for outside state visitors as the website has no option for the same

    • sir how to book….the date and timings doesn’t gets highlighted for sahasranama booking. how to book 300rs ticket………….kindly guide me

    • Can you please share the flow after accepting the terms and conditions and submit … Once i submitted the system says loading for the past 1 hr.

      • @Bala some people are lucky to get it. Just keep trying or go for free darshan. At present the crowd is controlled so free darshan should not take you more than 4 hours.

    • @JP Krishna congratulation for successful booking, i am trying fr the last 10 days but it come only up to clicking the term and conditions, then never proceeds further, (like request 13…) Please guide and give some tips on how to book. Internet speed ins also okay. Thankyou @k_dakshin69

  2. Hello ji can you say how to book more than 1 person and if that possible, how many people can we add.. i can see ADD nxt to age but it doesn’t work for me..

  3. i have entered aadhar details atleast 20 times and each time when submit button pressed, it shows different problem messages and not even once my submission was successful. Very disheartening and probably the system is designed for few to take advantage. Booking gets over in a jiffy

  4. Please inform how many days in advance can the tickets be booked? What are the timings of this special darshan?

  5. what is the arrangements for senior citizens.some quota other than 500 Rs ticket to be given as senior citizen quota

  6. Dear Bryce J. Winters Bro,

    Bro can you help us to get the ticket? being american and helping indians to see our own god is great job. That why we tamil people respect “white” skin. Please bro….bro…book ticket free for us. Any Free ticket?

  7. We tried to book for 2 and ended up with booking 1 ticket. My husband got his ticket. Is there a separate queue for infants.we do have 6 mo lo.


    • @Saranya there is a separate Queue for Senior citizens and this queue apply for infants too.. Still you will be waiting for 2 hrs. But that’s better than a 7hr wait in a general queue.

    • Day before yesterday, my transaction went upto payment gateway and failed after few hours. But now am getting following errors while booking:-
      1-Too many requests already, try again later
      2-Token mismatch
      Kindly confirm above errors are due to existing of my Aadhaar number (bcos of failure in payment gateway). If so what to do further……

    • @Kumaresan weekends are always heavily crowded.. It also depends on what time you start in the Queue, usually takes anywhere between 5 to 7 hrs.

  8. Sir Whether on online booking if we give aadhar number whether it will fetch the name or match with the name since I am always getting ‘invalid input message’ error report and I can’t book it now. pl guide me

  9. I am trying to book 500rs ticket but it’s just losing for more then 40 mints but it doesn’t go to the payment gateway why

  10. I am trying to book 500rs ticket but it’s just loading for more then 40 mints but it doesn’t go to the payment gateway why

  11. I want to book athivaradhar dharson 300/-rs online booking for two Malaysian citizen. Is it possible to booking.kindly give reply sir

  12. Hi sir,
    We need to book 4 tickets, so may i know we need a sepearte adhaar card for each person or else we can book using single persons adhaar card for the entire 4 members.

  13. my suggestion: Create free and paying slot system for every hour and Ask the people to register in advance, it will be very easiest system . Already this system. is in TTD.

    • @Darmeshbabu, it’s a good idea problem is since this is just a 48day event they have not implemented a proper system

  14. Hello,

    We are planning to visit Athivarathar temple at 31st jul 10am.
    1. How long will it take for darshan?
    2. Can we get 300 darshan ticket at temple as there are network issues?
    3. Will temple be open throught the day?

    • 1) Free Queue – 5 tp 7 hrs (if you reach early 3 to 4 hrs)
      2) 300 Rupees can be booked online only
      3) No open from 5 am to 9:30 PM
      Also 10am is too late, you might have to stand in queue for 5 to 7 hrs.

  15. While booking it showing as invalid details even though giving valid details.Could you please let me know what is the issue or how to overcome?

  16. Hi Bryce,

    We have been trying to book for last few days but we are encountering various errors like
    Failed to save, invalid input, sorry to many requests, missing token, etc.

    Is there any trick to book? Pls advice.

    Do you have any suggestion for stay?

  17. Sir, i managed to book 4 Tickets for 300 rupees by gods grace.

    Usually how long it takes and we have an infant of 1 year and senior citizen..

    Will this queue will be managable for them any idea.. It says west gopuram entrance.

    • @Puvitha as of now NO, but they are constantly working on improving ticketing system. So you might in future wait for few days.

  18. Hi Sir,
    The 300 quota seems increased to 2000. Do you know from when it got increased. Bcoz when we book for 25th it was 750.

    Now even on 25th t was showing 2000. Did they reopen?

  19. Hi Bryce,

    We(myself and wife) have a 6month old infant and going to visit the temple with my parents who are 60+.
    Can all of us take the senior citizens queue? please let us know..

    thank you.

  20. Sir, We are going for today’s 6pm all darshan. Kindly keep us know whether any locker type is available there to leave our belongings? We are coming from Nagpur.
    Please reply

  21. Sir, We are going for today’s 6pm spl darshan. Kindly keep us know whether any locker type is available there to leave our belongings? We are coming from Nagpur.
    Please reply

  22. Sir i have booked rs.300 a special darshan ticket today for Sundayevening 28.7.2019 6.00 pm i was unable to take the print out
    i havegiven my g mail account
    i got confirmation from you that darshan ticket confirmed
    but so far no mail has come .
    How to take print out
    my cell number 9290453416

    • @Srinivasan don’t worry since you have received confirmation you can download the ticket directly from e-Payment verification page. Enter your registered mobile number, aadhar number and captcha to download your ticket copy.

  23. Hi Sir, I understand that only once we can have darshan as we cant use the Aaadhar number. Suppose if i am unable to go on said date. Can i rebook using the same Aadhar number or it wont allow me to do so.

  24. Hi Sir ,i have booked for 4 people with first name only not entire name as it is in adhar card
    it is booked successfully
    adhar no i have mentioned correctly for each person
    it will be a problem in allowing us into the temple
    please clarify me

  25. Sir there is a new option in the site online donation, can we have darshan with online donation receipt. In scrolling it says donor pass darshan timings 5.00am to 5.00 pm

    • @S Balaji Donor passes are issued directly from temple and cant be downloaded online. There is a new option to donate but we are not sure if that will be accepted as Donor passes. We have reached out to them and details will be updated shortly.

  26. Hi …we are planning to come from Bangalore by car… Is the vehicle allowed inside the City…we wanted to reach there by Thursday night,stay in a Oyo nearby n do darshan on Friday morning… Could u plz guide us

    • @Archana Vehicle is allowed inside city but till Pachayyappa college only, you can do free darshan from there.

  27. I’m successful booked 300 kanchipuram ticket.But not getting tickets into mail,sms.please suggest how to download ticket from site..please suggest … Thanks in advance…

  28. We booked 300 rupees darshan ticket it shows darshan timing in the evening……shall we go morning time b coz we booked train tkts evening time

  29. We have booked 300 rs ticket for August 1 at 8 pm will we get darshan as I am reading 9.30 is the closing time. How long will it take for us in this que.

  30. Is it not possible to book for all family members at a time, it allows only one record and after payment only , need to book for another member, in 300rs Darshan

  31. Dear Sir,
    We are 4 members we have booked the tickets for RS 300/-for special darshan online on 28th sunday for ( 0800 pm- 10 pm) for 01 AUG 2019 .. Just want to confirm whether the timings for special darshan is the same or there are any changes in the schedule. Kindly advise . Also please advise since there are two senior citizens will it be managable for them to walk in the que. Kindly advise what would be the duration to see the Diety.

    • @Aarthi for 1st august there is no change in time. Change in time is only for 3rd August. The special Darshan usually moves really fast so it should not be a problem.

  32. @Bryce

    I am not able to access the Site. Trying from Multiple browsers in multiple machines from early morning today. Please suggest if there’s any other way I can book the tickets? Or why We are not able to access the site? Everyone agrees that this site has a poor booking system. Any concerns raised for it?


  33. Hello sir,
    I managed to book only one ticket of 300 of my i was facing error as too many requests. I have 1.5 yr kid with me . is there any posibility of doing darshan

  34. Hi
    if we made donation to Lord atthivaradhar on line , and is it possible to carry the donation slip as as donar for visiting lord

  35. We have alreay had darsan (sayana kolam) using Rs. 300 special darshan ticket. However, when we want to book for darsan of lord on Nindra kolam, it says “your aadhar is already booked”. Is this means, one can have darshan (using special darsan) only once? Kindly verify please.

  36. Hello Bryce,

    I have two kids (one is 10years old and another is going to complete 2 in next month). Can we go for free darshan and both parents are allowed. if yes, how long it would takes for darshan on next Friday(9th Aug)?
    As special darshan tickets are not avialable on this friday.

  37. Hi sir,
    I booked ticket for 10th aug 300/- i m coming with 10 months old baby… suggest me to whether darshan via infant line or 300/- for quick and smooth darshan ?

      • Hi tomorrow night 8pm I got tickets for 3 in 300rs darshan. Me and 2 other ladies have ticket. I’m coming with 4 yr old and 3 months old it advisable to come in 300rs q or special line with husband. My husband has no 300 rs ticket. Give me the best way .we come by car from Chennai. Also advise about car parking and duration from car park to west gopuram.
        And wait time for 300rs darshan

  38. Hi , for Rs.300/- line , can we have darshan like Rs.500/- line going near the deity or what is the difference between Rs.300/- and Rs 500/- line arrangements/ facilities. ? Can you please clarify. Thanks

    • @Narayan 500 is Sahasranamam archanai so u will get sometime to stand before Athivaradhar while 300 is just special Darshan

  39. Hi, for Rs.300 /- can we go near the deity like Rs.500/- line or what is the difference betn. Rs.300 /- and Rs 500/ line arrangements / facilities . Thanks in advance.

  40. Today I have been trying to book 300₹ tickets but every time the highlighted submit option is stuck and unable to find whether or not in process. After so many trials We have got message that payment status as failure even without knowing when it has gone through and unable to find payment window, except it shown as Hide,
    In such circumstances please advise us how to deal as we have lost the chance despite our application is considered with Transaction I’d and our inability to make payment for not displayed to us.

    • @Padmanabha The only way to do it start the booking process at 10:45 am, have everything ready and make sure to enter the details as soon as tickets open at 11.

  41. Hi tomorrow night 8pm I got tickets for 3 in 300rs darshan. Me and 2 other ladies have ticket. I’m coming with 4 yr old and 3 months old it advisable to come in 300rs q or special line with husband. My husband has no 300 rs ticket. Give me the best way .we come by car from Chennai. Also advise about car parking and duration from car park to west gopuram.
    And wait time for 300rs darshan

  42. I am Suresh Rudrangi booked tickets but not able to see payment options and confirmation. Please suggest how to proceed for 12th Aug2019 for 3 tickets (family). is my mailid but I did not got any mail confirmation.

    • @Suresh pls check the verification page and type in your transaction id.. it will allow you to print your tickets.

  43. I have screenshot of booking information with Aadhaar number. Can I pay the amount while going for Darshan there inside premises of temple.

  44. Hi Bruce, my friend booked a 300 rs ticket for 3 members but one of them could not travel. Can I get darshan on his behalf with my adhar proof. Please advise if detailed check is done on each person identity or only number of tickets matter?

    • You can yes they validate the ticket but you can talk to them saying the other person is not coming and this ticket is used on his behalf by you.


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