Athi Varadar Crowd Status Today, Online Booking and Waiting Time on August 14 2019


How to Book Athi Varadar tickets online – A Step by Step guide.
Athi Varadar Festival is a 40 year phenomenon and crowds are being drawn in lakhs to the Varadharaja Perumal Temple in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The Government of Tamil Nadu is offering a INR 300 special darshan as well as a special Sahasranamam ticket which costs INR 500. However, there are just 250 slots for the morning and evening batch in the  special Sahasranamam darshan everyday.

The News Crunch’s sources at Kanchipuram are providing every day updates which would help lakhs of devotees who are planning their Athi Varadar darshan in the free category. Regular updates about daily crowd status and average waiting time will be press released on a daily basis.

Athi Varadar Darshan Changes announced by Chief Secretary of Tamilnadu.
Before planning a trip to Kanchipuram to worship Athi Varadar, it is important to go through the checklist of do’s and don’t for your long darshan.

Athi Varadar Live Crowd Status and Waiting Time for 13th August

Since August 14 is Wednesday and there is expected to be a huge crowd as Vaibhavam is coming to an end on Friday. This would be the fourteenth day of Nindra Kolam.

300 Rs. Special Darshan – 3.5 Hours (Approx.) West Gopuram Gate

500 Rs. Sahasranamam Spot and Online Booking – 3 Hours (Approx.) West Gopuram Gate

Senior Citizens Queue above 60 and Parents with Infants Queue – 4 Hours (Approx.) East Gopuram Gate

Free Darshan / Dharma Darshan – 6 to 8 Hours (Approx.)

Early Morning Free Darshan (Fall in queue by 4AM) – 4.5 Hours (Approx.)

Our data and approximations are based on the past data on the same days of the week, without taking auspicious days or hours into consideration. Also, the data is likely to be deviated by VIP visits or unexpected closures.

Please post any queries or clarifications related your darshan plan and we will be able to help you regarding the same.


    • S Vallabhan, Since this is the only year you get to see Athi Varadhar the chances of crowd getting less is out of question. You can either try for 500 rs ticket or 300 rs special ticket to save time. From our experience going there as early as 4am will help you to come back by 8am. Hope Athi Varadhar blesses you with a speedy darshan.

    • It’s getting over on 17th August. Yesterday, being a weak day, thought the crowd would be less but it took 6 to 8 hrs. Very poor queue management. Would be difficult for elderly and children. Queues are not formed for individuals to stand one behind the other. It’s like a goat shed or barns where around 50 to 100 are caged, and to advance in this type of queue one has to show his strength over others. It was a pity that elderly people who came with family could neither go to senior citizens queue nor peacefully advance in ordinary queue. While policemen were everywhere, the individuals behave smart in trespassing from one to another queue, as different queues are beside each other.

      If there is a will, then one can withstand but be prepared to stay put for atleast 6 hrs and anything before that one can feel lucky. Go with some snacks, water etc as many of us did not expect this frustrating wait and so e were there standing from 6 am and could come out only 6 pm. The whole day was fasting Ekadashi.

  1. Hi . We have300 RS ticket for 25th July . How long it takes in the que … I have elderly parents with me …….what is the difference between 300 and 500 rupees tickets.

  2. Pl improve Que’s line and safety for public ,it request of one Indian person, pl donot fight in Que’s all our brothers and sisters,father , mother , government has take immediate action on this .

    • @Ravikumar this is expected when crowd is huge, so they have decided to let people inside in batches to avoid stampede.

  3. Today I tried for darshan tickets. I was at the computer terminal from 11am continuously feeding the details but in vain. Too many requests try later it says. Checking payment … But I never got a chance. By 1 o clock it says booking closed.
    What is the solution. We are from Hyderabad

  4. Today I tried for darshan tickets. I was at the computer terminal from 11am continuously feeding the details but in vain. Too many requests try later it says. Checking payment … But I never got a chance. By 1 o clock it says booking closed.
    What is the solution. We are from Hyderabad . Atleast the system should save the details so that we will be spared of typing number of times.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the vaulable updates.
    We are planning to go on Saturday 3rd in the evening around 6pm.

    Can you please give us some suggestions and expected time of darsan.

    Thank you

  6. AthiVaradhar darshan timing can be changed from 5.00AM to 11.00PM without lunch break similar to Thirumalai Devasthanam timing followed for Balaji darshan.

    With the increase in darshan timing of AthiVaradhar as stated above, Pilgrims waiting time will get reduced considerably,thereby enabling more and more people to have Athi Varadhar darshan with less inconvenience.

    As Athi Varadhar darshan will be available only for 48days once in 40years and as this is going to be the last chance for Senior Citizens to have darshan of AthiVaradhar in their life time, I would like to request the Tamil Nadu Govt., on behalf of Senior Citizens, to allot special timing for Senior Citizens to facilitate them in having Athi Varadhar darshan without stampede.

    However, Temple Management can adhere to their regular timing of 7.30AM to 12.30 noon and 3.30PM to 8.00PM for Moolavar Darshan as Moolavar Darshan is available throughout the year.

    • @Mohan, there is a special queue for senior citizens which moves at a rapid pace compared to normal queue, Government of Tamil Nadu is doing many things like battery operated cars to facilitate senior citizens.

  7. I have booked Rs.300/- ticket for 23.7.19. When to report ( dharsan timing 6 to 9.30) for the dharsan. Will there be any deposit booth to leave cellphone, bag and slippers near the West Gopuram where we are required to report. Please provide details. Thanks.

    • @N Krishnamoorthy, you can carry your cellphone and bags but with slippers it’s better to leave it in your vehicles as your exit is at different side of temple and you might not be able to get back to get your slippers again.

    • Hello Krishnamoorhty. Could you please tell me which side you went and you came out on which side? I booked for my parents on 27th July. Also how much was the wait time?

      • For all online tickets the entry and exit is West Gopuram side. It will be clearly mentioned on the tickets.

        For Rs.500/- Sahasranamha Archanai, don’t forget to do get your prasadam inside the Sanadhi by showing your tickets. Short sankalpam will also be done depending on the crowd.

    • Hi Mukundan,

      Please share your visit details for 300rs ticket once complete. As in which side you went and came out? The wait time. And where you left your slippers etc. My parents are going by 27th. Will be very helpful

  8. We have Booked Rs:300 Tkt For Today 23-7-2019,The Time Shows 6to9.30Pm,As we Are Senior Citizens Above 60,My Wife Has Problem Walking As She Has Flat Foot,Are We Eligible For Senior Citizens In Rs:300 Q.Can I Wear T Shirt,Keep Slipper In Bag.

    • Yes Eligible for Senior citizen or wheel chair assistance too but you have to report at West gate for 300 rs ticket and East gate for senior citizen. Yes you can keep slipper in Bag.

    • I would advise you to report at West Gate (As you already have got Rs.300/- ticket). As the online ticket queue will be lesser than senior citizens queue in East Gate. Forget about even thinking going anywhere near East gate.

      Wheel chairs are provided at both the gates. In fact more wheel chairs are available at West gate as it is the exit point for everyone.

  9. Hi

    I have booked Rs.300/- ticket for 26.7.19 (6.00 pm) , coming with 2 kids from Perungulathur.

    please let me know the car parking place near by and how to reach west rajagopuram from parking place ?
    how far it is? is there any auto available to reach there ?

    can i carry cell phone and bags with me ?
    what is advisable mode of transport to reach the temple ? coming by bus / car/train ?


    • @Venkatesh Car parking is near Pachayappa college and you can take auto from there. You can leave your slippers in car your exit and entry points will be different. Yes you can carry cellphone and bags.

      • Is there is any parking charges for car? How far is west gopuram entrance is from this parking place? Also how much hour it is taking for the special entry darshan Que?

        • Special darshan queue will take 1 to 1.5 hrs, Parking should be done at Pachayyappa college. You can take auto from there to West Gopuram Entrance

    • Hi,

      For all online tickets the entry and exit gates are same (West Gate). Share auto, Mini bus is available from the temporary parking areas (There are 4 around including Pachayappa College). Pachayappa college is around 4 to 5 Kms from West Gopuram. There are no parking charges collected.

  10. Hi Bryce Good Day,
    I am planning to go for Athi Varadhar darshan on Thursday early morning with my friends. Here I want to convey one thing like I am a physical challenged person, walking with the help of caliber.

    My question is that will temple people allow one support person along with me into the temple. Please let me know your valuable suggestion/response.

    Thanks, Yogananda Reddy

    • @Yohananda Reddy, you can take wheel chair assistance and they allow one person with that. You can go to East Gopuram Entrance and report there early. Since there are like 1000 wheel chairs you have to be early to use it.

  11. when I try to book 300rs. ticket it always tell “too many request” or try again later. Tried so far 30-40 times. no luck. Any TIPS on how to book 300rs. ticket.

  12. Let me know the car parking details, i have booked the rs.300/ darshan for 25July and the entry is from West tower. How we have to walk from car parking or is there any auto facility available. Is it OK to report by 5pm for rs.300/ darshan

    • @Raj car parking is near Pacchiyappa college and you can take auto from there. Leave your slippers in your vehicles if you want them back as you will exit at a different spot and might not get your slippers.

  13. We Have Rs:300 Darshan Tkt For Today 6 To 9:30Pm,Myself & My Wife Both Above 60,My Wife Has Flat Foot,Cannot Walk Long Distance,Are We Eligible For Any Senior Citizen Line?Can I Wear T Shirt?

    • Age limit 60, the unfortunate thing is there are no proper signs. You have to report at East Mada veedhi gate.

  14. Hi we are coming from banglore. I couldn’t book online ticket we are planning for Friday dharshan is any possible to get tickets in temple through counter.

    • @Shyamala that’s not possible, but if you come early you can go for free darshan. Check our page for estimated waiting time. If you’re senior citizen you can take the senior citizen queue.

  15. sir online lo try chesam ticket raledu.temple lob300rs tickets istara.memu vizag nunchi vastunnam 28 july ki.afternoon 3 pm ki free darshan start cheste enta time ki darshanm avutundi

  16. sir online lo try chesam ticket raledu.temple lo 300rs tickets istara.memu vizag nunchi vastunnam 28 july ki.afternoon 3 pm ki free darshan start cheste enta time ki darshanm avutundi

  17. Dear ,
    We are planning to start on Friday night to reach temple by 5 am on saturday for Free Darshan as darshan ticket will not be available.
    How many hours it will take to complete darshan on saturday as per above plan?
    Is there any dress code for Gents and Ladies?
    Can we carry mobile phones and hand bags inside the main temple?
    Can I have some local person contact number who can help to get darshan without much hassle?

  18. Hello Bryce

    We are planning to visit next Monday 29th. Is there any special occasion due to which more crowd can be expected or will it be normal rush?


  20. Sir, thanks, is collector office is near by the temple. My friend said he will give VIP ticket with letter. They will allow only with the pass from collector office a sir. We are planning to arrive at the temple by 3 am. Can we get the pass at the time from collector office.

  21. free line ekkada nundi start avutundi.we are telugu people we dont know tamil.any language problem is there.

    • Free and VIP dharshan separatega undhi. Athi varathar perumal templenki local bus unthi, dhantlo last stopping digali. Helpki ikkada andhru unnaru.

      • @Prabu yes free and VIP separate queues. Yes you have share auto and buses to the temple. Please check your bus for Kanchipuram

  22. Hi my mom is 58 yrs old. She have knee problems can we go in senior citizens queue. Is adhar card is mandatory? Will they allow? I’m 30 yr old, Can I go with her. In which gate I need to report.

    • @Shyamala She can take Senior Citizens queue, report near East Mada Veedhi. Aadhar card need to be shown for Senior Citizens




  24. Hi Bryce

    We have 2 senior citizens in our group but no visible disability. Can 2 persons accompany them in the senior citizens queue?

    Also please let me know which is the nearest parking for general darshan queue


  25. Hi,
    While booking Darsan ticket for State/District do i need to mention the state mentioned in aadhaar card.?


  26. athivaradhar darshan dear sir v r planning to come on 1 aug v r 3 senior citizen and 3 more people aged 56 56 and 58 v 3 and 3 escorts allowed in senior citizen que in the morning time thanks rgds v kasi

  27. Hi Bryce

    We have 2 senior citizens in our group but no visible disability. Can 2 persons accompany them in the senior citizens queue?

    Also please let me know which is the nearest parking for general darshan queue


  28. Hi there,
    I am from Malaysia and would like to get darshan on 2nd August. May I use the VIP lane? online ticketing website is asking for aadhar card. May I use my passport to get the tickets at temple? Or the privilege is only for local? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • @Barath unless you have aadhar card you cant book tickets online. VIP lane is for people who can get VIP or Donor pass from MLA or MP.

  29. Hi, what is the expected waiting time for free darshan on Saturday 27 July post noon and early morning 4 am queue?

  30. Hi bryce
    Grt work…
    Wd like a bit clarity on the following
    If I get an MP recommendation letter shd I visit collector office and collect the VIP passes? I understood right in ur previous comment regarding the subject…

  31. Hello Sir.. planning on bringing my parents for darshana on 1st and we plan staying for 2 nights. Both My parents are above 60 and my dad is heart patient. They have Aadhar card but I don’t. How can I buy tickets? Do they let us little closer with these tickets? I’m not able to figure out options to get ticket for myself as I’m US citizen. Any lead is greatly appreciated.

    • @Sudha, you can assist them on Senior citizen queue. If you have some MLA or MP recommendation you can get Donor Pass for VIP entry. Hope this helps.

  32. Is Thursday going to be crowded? We don’t know any politician. Do my parents have to get Aadhar card if at all we end up buying ticket for them? Thanks!

  33. Hi We r visiting on 8 August. We have donor pass from my sister. Which gate to approach for this and what is the time alloted for donor pass holders? Also,how long it may take for darshan? I have a smal son and we r travelling from gujarat. Or shud i book rs 500 ticket. Please suggest the best option for us.thank you

    • @Karthik if you have donor pass you can go anytime between 5:30 am to 5:30 Pm. You can directly go to West Gate for entrance. Make sure they are passes and just not letters, if they are letters you have to exchange them at collector office. For Donor passes it would take anywhere between half an hour to 45 minutes.

      • Wow sir, i really appreciate the prompt reply. Yes, they are passes not letters and thanks for explaining the details very clearly. Good job, Stay blessed. Regards

  34. Sir,
    How about NRIs who do not Adhar Card. Is there any possibility to book tickets online either with PAN Card or passport? OR Is there any possibility to get the darshan ticket, if we show the arrival stamp on the passport? I called a Number 44-28334811 and was told no one is working during week end.

    • @Lalitha you can go through Free Darshan or use Donor passes. Sorry as of now there are no other options.

  35. How about NRIs who do not have Adhar Card. Is there any possibility to book tickets online either with PAN Card or passport? OR Is there any possibility to get the darshan ticket on the spot, if we show the arrival stamp on the passport? Any reliable counter nearby? I called a Number 44-28334811 to enquire and was told no one is working during week end.

    • @Lalitha you can go through Free Darshan or use Donor passes. Sorry as of now there are no other options.

      • Sir,
        Thank you! Will you be kind enough to mention the Donor passes and in which site. I have scrutinized enough for donor passes.

  36. can a senior citizen be accompanied by a person below 60yrs. also can a person of 58 yrs access the senior citizen que

  37. Does the booking time for 500 rs ticket show 6.30 am on the website? Or are they going to open slot for 5.30 pm separately? Thanks

      • August 1st booking for Sahasranama tickets was only for 6.30am slot – All 500 tickets in the morning ? Have they changed?

        • @Yuva maybe they have not opened the other slot.. There might be some changes for Nindra Kolam.. We will update details shortly.

          • @Bryce.Thank you for the updates and help. Even today Sahasranama tickets for 2nd Aug were only for morning slot. They might have changed timings for Standing Posture of the Lord or could have forgot to update the timings after preponing the timings to 6.30AM only for the July31st special poojas as mentioned in their scroll.

  38. @Bryce when can we collect passes from collector office, what are the timings, are they open on Saturdays and Sundays ?

  39. Hi Bruce,

    I’ve booked special Darshan tkt for my mother but incorrectly using my sis aadhaar n details. Can she be allowed if I produce both my mother’s aadhaar n sister’s aadhaar at the entry point?


  40. Thank you for the update, May I know which date can expect to get the details abt donation amount, v have been checking the website since for more than 20 days.

  41. Hi, we are planning for athivaradar darshan today. Can u tell me about crowd status in darma darshan tdy 29th july? And how much time it may take . Thanks in adavance.

  42. Hello Mr. Bryce,
    I got all the information from your answers. I appreciate your patience!
    1) What is the minimum donation to get donors pass?
    2) What if a person who booked the darshan tickets is not in position to come, can this ticket be used by someone else. Is there any restriction? Please reply.

  43. Hi Mr Bryce,
    Could you please help us about getting the donar pass .How much is the donation amount and how to do that?
    Thanks for the useful tips so far.

  44. Hi we are planning to visit on the 1s August evening and my mother is 68 years old. Is it advisable to visit 1st or 2nd? We dont have online tickets. There is a rumor that modi is visiting

  45. We have booked special darshan on August 1 for 8.00 PM can we go and stand in the que by 6 only as we have booked bus ticket to return to bangalore. out bus time is 11.30 pm can we get the bus. pls help

    • @Abhishek, go there a bit early and request the authorities stating you have to go back for bus, they will allow.

      • Hi sir we are family 5 adult and 2 kids
        I got 300 tkt for 3 ladies .so I can carry both kids 3 months and 4 yrs with me.but my daddy srctzn and husband have to choose a different entry .if I go in infant line will I be able to see quick darshan with husband.or shall I proceed with 300 rs ticket .the problem is I have 300 rs ticket and my husband doesn’t have one.and we come in car so need to know whether I can park the car for sure near pachayapas and auto availability to west gopuram.

        • @Maha yes car can be parked there.. everyone can take the senior citizen / infant queue as you have two kids.

  46. Hi, we (wife and I) are planning to visit on 1st Aug around 4PM. We couldn’t book online tickets. Is it good time to visit and How much will it take for free darshan?

    • @Chandru since that would be the first day of Nindra Kolam might be extremely crowded. My suggestion would be to go after Monday.

  47. GREETINGS july 30, 2019

    • @Sanakaranarayanan Swadikrap Sorry there are no specific queue for NRIs and hence without Aadhar card you cannot get Rs. 300 or Rs. 500 darshan. Plan for a free darshan on a weekday afternoon / evening you can get through it in an hour.

      • HI BRYCE J.

  48. We are hoping to secure MLA pass for Friday. I’ll be landing on Thursday and hoping to be in Kanchi around 11.00. Do we need to go to collector’s office immediately? My parents are above 60 , do I need to take them too? How bad it is to get the pass? And where is the collector’s office? We will be coming from Bangalore , are they going to let our car inside to park at the apartment we rented? Could please share your insight on this ? I’m hoping to make it not that bad for my heart patient dad! Any word on when Modi will be leaving on 1st? Thank you so much for attending all of our desperate situations!

    • @Sudha you can park your cars at your apartment, one of you can go to collector office to get the pass, ask the locals they will guide you to the office. There are no official confirmation about Modi’s arrival so far.

  49. Hello Mr. Bryce,
    Sorry to bother you. Could you reply to my query (I understand that there are too many)
    1) What if a person who booked the darshan tickets is not in position to come, can this ticket be used by someone else. Is there any restriction?
    2) Where is the spot booking Sahasranama archana ticket counter and the timing for tickets and darshan?

    • @Lalitha 1)No that’s not possible unless there are many aadhar numbers listed and only one of them is missing 2) No there is no spot booking for Sahasranama archana ticket. It can be booked online only at 10 am.

  50. Hi How do i take my grand parents..which gate should they enter..what about us which gate should we enter and how can we get back to my grandparents when either of us complete our darshan! any idea on that sir??

    • @Priya, you can walk on the side of Queue and take then directly to east gopuram entrance. They will be allowed inside that entrance along with an assistance person (which can be you), saves a lot of time.

  51. 1.where is collector office located?
    2.which location we have to go to get the letters converted to pass?
    3.wat is the timings to collect the pass?
    4. What is the visit timings for people with pass?

    Really appreciate your efforts in providing information. Thanks in advance.

    • @Madhu, Collector office is located inside Kanchipuram city, ask around. About time you can go during office hours to change to pass. From morning 5am to 5pm you can use these passes.

  52. Hi Mr.Bruce four members of our family have booked special darshan online 300 Rs ticket on 28th july sunday for August 01st for to 10 pm.kindly advise whether the schedule remains the same or is there any present schedule which has changed? Also kindly advise two of our family members are senior citizens so will they be able to manage to walk in the que? Kindly advise what would be the duration to see the Diety??

  53. Are NRIs allowed to accompany adhar card holders? How to book online tickets for August 13th?

    Planning to get Rs. 500 tickets

  54. Hi There, Today online booking link is not working. Do you know if there is any change in the booking procedure please ?

  55. Hi I want to attend the free darsana on 2nd Aug at evening. By what time earliest should we reach the temple premises?

  56. Hello Mr.Bruce,
    I am an NRI and do not have Adhar Card. I am unable to book darshan tickets online but want to have darshan and also accompany My Brother-in-Law aged 67. He will be getting online tickets. Could you kindly guide me to a get darshan ticket ? Is there any booking counter near to the temple?

    • @Hariharan, there are two options.. If you’re a senior citizen, you can take the senior citizen queue. If you can get VIP pass it would not take much time. Without aadhar card there is no possibility of booking tickets online.

  57. Which is the right time for dharshan for August 2, Morning or evening? If morning 4 am is OK. If it is
    ok what is approx. time duration for dharshan?

  58. Hi Sir what is the best time for Darshan tomorrow to avoid the maximum crowd. We have planned for 4.AM . Is it advisable or any other better timing would do?

  59. Hi Bryce – Greetings , Firstly thank you so much for this page which is very helpful to know details about Athi Varathar visit. My mom (57 years) and her sister (67 years) plans to visit on Monday, 5th Aug. Planning to reach Kanchi around 5 AM by car. Can you please let me know whether my mom can accompany my aunt in the Senior citizens queue ? Thank you.

  60. Hi Sir
    What will be the max time *(waiting) for ₹500 darshanam ?? Is there any separate queue for those ticket holders ?? If so where we have to enter ?? I went to temple but came back with out having darshanam sue to heavy crowd please help me !!

    • All VIP Donor Pass/300/500 tickets are from west gate and same line. No difference in terms of Darshan experience. You get to touch the Archana plate for Sakasranama Ticket. That is all. Took 1 hour for Darshan. There is a separate board for Sakasranama Archanai inside the temple – May be if you are early before the time stated and say that you are here for Sakasranama Archanai then your experience can be better I believe. I went there by 6.45AM (Timings mentioned was 6-8.30AM) and was just made to stand in the queue. By that time probably Sakasranama Archanai was over. When I went in and told the Archakar he just gave a bag and I touched the Archana plate. Inspite of repeated argument with the police and temple staff there they did not allow me to go separately for this Archanai ticket. So either you can before the stated time or just stay in line with others and come back after Darshan. Poor management considering the huge crowd. Not sure about the purpose of timings in 500/- ticket.Personal experience- August 1.

      • Hello @Yuva

        Thanks for the update. When is the best time to go for 500 rs Archana? Is there a separate queue at the gate ?

        • Hello Venkat,
          Just saw your query. Not sure if you have already visited. To my knowledge and from what I see and hear, there is no difference in terms of Darshan experience with 300/500/Donor passes considering the crowd now. All are through West gate and in the middle of the queue they should let Sahasranama ticket holders to go for Archanai. But instead they are all in same line, given a bag and sent. Not sure of the purpose of the tickets. There could be few lucky ones who are made to stand couple of mins and Archanai done. But these lucky ones should have been weeks back when Sahasranama was started. W.r.t timings I have not seen and difference in going early. One of the user posted they stood 6am sharp in the line and came out after 4.45 hrs. So all luck. Have a good and pleasant Darshan.

  61. We (me and my husband – both are Senior Citizen) booked our trip from Mysore for Athi varadhar darshan (Ninra Kolam) on 6th Aug evening. We will stay in Kanchi on 7th also (extra one day).
    Special darshan online booking at 11 am, I plan to try tomorrow (for 6th) and 3rd Aug (for 7th).
    We wish the server crash issue to get resolved by today.
    If we could not book Rs.300 darshan online, please advice on the timings we need to enter in Senior citizen queue for 6th evening after 6 pm and 7th Aug (full day available). We missed to have Darshan earlier years (1979) and this is our last chance. We wish to make it positive this time. Kindly advice and update the status of the queue and other related info to our mail address. Thanks

    • @Shyamala since those are week days you will not have issues in the evening, 7th august early morning darshan too should not be an issue. Use the east mada veedhi gate to enter Senior citizen queue, dont get into general queue walk on the road and directly enter the senior citizens queue.

  62. Thanks for your prompt and positive guidance. We will follow your advice.
    Today also online special darshan booking site is still not working. Will keep trying for online today & tomorrow.

  63. HELLO SIR!


    • Red X cross is there if you want to delete any of the added names. Dont worry. Go ahead and continue the process. If lucky you may get the tickets.

  64. Hi sir we are family 5 adult and 2 kids
    I got 300 tkt for 3 ladies .so I can carry both kids 3 months and 4 yrs with me.but my daddy srctzn and husband have to choose a different entry .if I go in infant line will I be able to see quick darshan with husband.or shall I proceed with 300 rs ticket .the problem is I have 300 rs ticket and my husband doesn’t have one.and we come in car so need to know whether I can park the car for sure near pachayapas and auto availability to west gopuram.

  65. We are planning for Darshan of Athi Varadar on 11-8-2019 / 12-8-2019. What will be possible crowd and time taken for Darshan.

  66. It shows the same waiting time for the last 10 days. Your site is not updating it at all. Apparently yesterday it took 4-5 hrs for 300/- ticket holders. Just FYI.

  67. I am booking for August 10th 6/8 PM slot. I have been getting “Invalid input script”. May i know is it because there are too many user logged in or am i entering any wrong input?

  68. We are planning to visit the temple on 9th Aug.
    We have two kids at the age of 1.5 & 6 years. My self and my wife.
    Along with us, my laws at the age of 60 & 56 years.
    Where do we need to go for free darshan and which timing is suitable with less crowd?
    It will be really helpful, if we know the details in advance. As we are coming by car from bangalore

  69. Hi

    Are there any passes for NRIs? I don’t have aadhar card. Please let me know your thoughts. I don’t stay in India. I am ready to travel from abroad for the darshan . Thanks

      • Thanks for the response. It seems Aadhar number is mandatory in donation form. I don’t have Aadhar card. How to proceed? Can someone make a donation behalf of me and how many person are allowed to do darshan for a single donation pass ? I have a date in mind for next week darshan so when do I need to arrange for donation ?(does it require any minimal time period slot to get the pass ). Thanks again.

    • @Suganya 500 is Sahsranamam sevai so you get to spend time before Athi Varadar for few extra minutes while 300 is just Special Darshan

  70. Hi,
    We are planning to have senior citizen early morning dharshan on 9th August. Please let me know at what time should be there in queue at EAst Gopuram.



    • This seems to be a ‘lazy’ implementation of the program. There seems to be a limit on the number of open requests to the bank for the payment, and if you get behind that, the transaction is simply discarded and you have to start again. There seems to be no way to prevent it – unless you are one of the first few when the window opens.

  72. HI BRYCE.

  73. Hi
    We’re planned to come on Aug 09. We’ve 4 people my husband, me, my brother and my mom. mother is 56. but she is a anemia patient. is she allowed in senior citizen queue? can u let us know which time is less queue in a day?

  74. I am getting error – Please try again after clearance of pending transactions at bank side.
    But when I checked through e-verification it says failure. How to clear this transaction ?

  75. Sir, your website ‘crowd status’ says free darsan as of August 8, is upto 3 hrs. But, news media publishes that it may take more than 7 hours, and in the coming days, it may even extend upto 2 days. Which one is more or less reliable?

    • @Srivatsava we get inputs from Kancheepuram and we update them accordingly. Please compare it with the time provided to ensure smooth darshan

  76. Namaskara, I had darshan of Athi Varadar yesterday (7th August) with Sahasranama Archana ticket. In all, it took 4 hours 45 mins in the Rs.500/Donor pass queue. General darshan queue appeared much more streamlined than this one. Thousands of people came with donor passes and joined the Sahasranama Archana queue. All donor passes looked different with no barcode/QR code on any of them. Most of them looked fake. There is no verification/scanning system. Finding the correct line is a challenge. There is a lot of misinformation passing around and arrangements keep changing frequently. So even locals/drivers/police are not sure about anything. After darshan, we had to walk for 3 Km before we could hire an autorickshaw. Police was not allowing any outside vehicles into Kanchipuram. They asked us to park the car beside the highway, walk up to Kanchipuram entrance road with luggage and hire an auto (which is scarce). Autos rates were upwards of Rs.100/km. People with VIP passes and senior citizens who opted for wheelchairs got the quickest darshan (less than 45 mins).

  77. Hello Bryce,

    Tried booking tickets after submission of information the banking details dont load for payment .
    Get message ” Targetted request Recieved,please try again after cleanrance of pending Transactions at bankside!!
    How to make the payment !! IOB site does not load after so many refreshes
    This is so much inconvenience

  78. Hello @Bryce bro,

    What is your recommendation for 500Rs. archana ticket holders ? When is the best time to get into the queue for better darshan ?

  79. The online booking is fake…. internally something else happens …when I booked 300 Rs. ticket in the next step its says “Targeted requests(1) received. Please try again after clearance of pending transactions at bank side !!” which does come multiple times. I wasted almost 2 hrs and pending status will never finish but the booking status finishes. All this seems fraud.
    Whats you answer to this?
    I hop many would have experienced similar problem? If yes just reply to my post with your observations.

  80. Hello Bryce,

    I am getting error – Please try again after clearance of pending transactions at bank side.
    But when I checked through e-verification it says failure. How to clear this transaction ?

  81. If you tried hard and could not book the Rs.500 ticket, I would recommend going for the donor pass. It is the same queue anyway – donor pass or Rs.500 ticket. Instead of struggling online, it is best to donate and get the donor-passes from the collector’s office. Looks like there is an unlimited supply of donor passes, unlike the Rs.500 tickets.

  82. One tech tip to improve chances of getting tickets

    We managed to get four tickets, individually, by being very fast in filling the form. I am sharing the tips if you want to try them. You have only 3 more days of tickets available – 14, 15, 16

    A form filler extension can be helpful. In the first few minutes after 11 am, there is a good chance of getting tickets – if you don’t get retry errors. After that, there are say 300 tickets available, but may be thousands of people trying. If 300 tickets are available, the submission of the form for the 301st (or so) ticket gets rejected with the dreaded “Targeted requests exceeded” error. You just have to keep trying again and again and hope that you get the lottery.
    We booked all the four tickets after 12.30 – the single success factor was that I used the autofill extension and had to enter only the captach and hit Submit.

    1. Get the autofill extension for Chrome browser. I am not sure if other browsers have similar extensions.
    2. Create one profile manually – I have given a sample below. Enter the right values for the fields.
    3. Duplicate this to other profiles for other people.
    4. Assign a hot key to each profile.
    5. When the booking opens, hit the hotkey and just enter the captcha.
    6. Read the manual for the autofill extension for more details.
    7. This method works best if you book one ticket at a time. The extension can’t handle multiple rows.

    May you get the blessings of the Lord.

    You can use the text below copy it to the import dialog box and create one profile. Of course you can create the profile yourself, but you have to wait till the form is displayed and by that time it would be too late.

    ### AUTOFILL PROFILES ###,,,,,,
    Profile ID,Name,Site,Hotkey,,,
    c1,,,Ctrl + Alt + 1,,,
    ### AUTOFILL RULES ###,,,,,,
    Rule ID,Type,Name,Value,Site,Mode,Profile
    r7,0,”^email_id$”,”email address”,””,0,c1

    Notes: I live in Karnataka and the statecode is 29. I guess you can use any value if you are not in TN. If you are in TN both state and district are dropdown boxes. Gender is 1 for female and 2 for male. The above form is for special darshan. For Sahasranamam darshan, the field names are the same. Just change the URL in the profile row to this value

    • Hi blessedcoder
      Thanks for the wonderful tech tip,
      Please share your boking experience
      after clicking submit , does it opens the payment gateway page?.
      Does it depends on my internet speed also?.

      • For the four people, we got the payment page about 9 times in all. Once the page got stuck. 4 times, the tickets got over before we could select the IOB button and click on payment. But finally we managed to get. Again the trick was that we could submit the main form fast. Once you get to the actual IOB page, it seems that your ticket is confirmed as long as you finish the payment.

  83. The name of the extension is ‘Autofill’. I have given the sample profile also. Just give a name for it and add your information.

  84. I want to book a ticket for 15th August but unable to do so, it is just displaying that we can’t book a ticket for 16th and 17th Aug online.There is no option to change the date. What to do?

  85. Hi Bryce, I have a shahasranamam 500 rs ticket for tomorrrow. Just wondering at what time I need to be there also any idea on the waiting time. Since I have only 1 ticket, My wife and kid alone will be going any help on the waiting time and where to go would be helpful.

  86. Hi I am planning to take my mother who is 67 years old we will be travelling by car can u guide us exactly how to reach the senior citizen que ? And can a normal person accompany the senior citizen ?

    • Yes you can accompany your mother.. Go to East Mada Street and ask for Senior citizen queue, the police there should guide you.

  87. Good morning. I have Rs.300 ticket on 14th August 6 – 8 pm. I am going along with 9 yr old kid.
    How much time ahead of 6pm would it be advisable to stand in the West Gopuram queue?
    I plan to pack my dinner food along with me. Do they allow bags inside?
    Should I expect around 4 hrs for Rs.300 ticket darshan?
    Any suggestions / experience would be welcome. Thanks.

    • @Navin, be there around 3pm… They don’t check time.. No dress code, bags allowed everything allowed. Make sure to be near your kid.. it will be extremely crowded and he may get lost.

  88. What would be the waiting time on 15th Aug for 300 Rupees Q? 15/08/2019 11:00 AM-01:00 PM is the time given in the ticket. What time should I report?


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