Athi Varadar darshan 2019 Tickets and Nindra Kolam Date – Answers to your questions from official sources

Athi Varadar July 24 2019

People are constantly commenting and emailing us about Athi Varadar online tickets, so we have decided to share information on how to book them and what if we don’t get tickets can we still get a good darshan on free queue. What would be the best time to visit Athi Varadar on weekdays and weekends. Government of Tamil Nadu has officially announced that Nindra Kolam will be from August 1, 2019. So devotees who want to have Sayana Kolam visit Kancheepuram by July 31. The place may get crowded during weekend as this will be the last weekend for Sayana Kolam.

Q – How many days in advance can I book tickets online for Athi Varadar?
You can book 4 days in advance and the tickets are not available for weekends
Q – Which website to book tickets?
Tnhrce is the official website to book tickets, please don’t trust any other sources. These are links for 500 Rs and 300 Rs tickets respectively.
Q – What time to book these tickets online?
Athi Varadar 500 Rs ticket opens for booking at 10 am, while the 300 Rs. ticket opens for booking at 11am.
Q – What time are the darshans for 500 Rs tickets and 300 Rs tickets?
500 Rs. ticket darshan is split into two segments morning and evening, while 300 Rs. ticket is from even 6PM to 10PM
Q – How many tickets allowed per person and what are the documents to carry?
A person can book upto 4 tickets and Aadhar card is the only document required.
Q – How difficult it is to book tickets online?
It’s difficult as there are only limited tickets available, also the TNHRCE server is not equipped to handle a large amount of traffic. Also the booking interface is not userfriendly when compared to other high traffic sites like IRCTC and TTD online booking.
Q – How many tickets available?
Total number of tickets available for 500 Rs and 300 Rs are 500 and 2000 respectively
Q – Where to report for Online tickets and at what time?
Online ticket queues starts at West Gopuram and report half an hour early than the stipulated time with Aadhar card.
Q – Where is the car parking ?
Car Parking is availabe at Pachayappa college, park at your own risk as there are cases of people breaking glasses of parked cars and taking valuable things. We advice you not to carry any valuable things.
Q – Are there stands for Slippers ?
Unfortunately No, also the entry and exit points are different so plan accordingly where to leave your slippers.
Q – Are there cloak room to leave luggages?
No there are no cloak rooms to leave your belongings, you can carry them with you.
Q – Dress code for darshan?
There are no dress codes and you can carry cell phone.
Q – What are the waiting time for Free Darshan and online booking darshan?
We are updating about Crowd status here daily, check them out.
Q – Are there separate queue for Senior Citizens, parents with infants and Physicall Challenged?
Yes there is a separate queue for them, entry is at East Mada Veedhi. There are no proper signs so get to East Mada Veedhi and inform the officials over there, they will help you. Also for people who cannot walk wheel chair assistance is provided.



  1. Information is useful. However would like to know how to book online ticker by a overseas citizen ( Born in India) who will not have Aadhar card.

  2. Sir the information is very useful and only after seeing your web site as senior citizen I had Darshan of Shri Athi Varadar on 22-07-2019 with in 2 and half hours in the evening. All the information is almost useful and correct. The police present there from top to lower cadre are very helpful in guiding the devotees with all patience and if at all there are any lapses in such a huge flow of devotees it is negligible . In fact all of them deserve rewards from the Government. More so if further best arrangement is made for nindra kolam the same will be the best festival of the year.

  3. I tried booking both for 300rs as well as 500rs more 50-60 times, but I was not able to book even a single ticket. Can you please guide me or help me in booking? I need 9 tickets

  4. Dear sir,
    I am senior citizen age about 63 year and coming along with wife age below 60. Can they allow my wife also along with me.

      • Dear sir,

        We have visited on 29.07.19 with full crowd in senior citizens queue. There was no proper checking and arrangements for senor citizens queue. We suffered lot.
        Thanks for your prompt reply.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Please allow us to make online tickets booking using passports or PAN card sir! Many people travelling from abroad are not having the Aadar card. Please Please…. consider our request favourably as we have only few days left for darshan…

  6. dear Sir, im from malaysia, how to purchase online tickets and what are arrangement for people from outside from india. cause i heard from my friend that there is INR 5000 ticket cost for special dharsham and it self in black by shop owners. y

    • @Nanthini don’t believe all those rumours, have free darshan in afternoon it’s not as crowded as it’s in the morning. If you still want VIP darshan make contact with head priest of temple

  7. Do they have any preference to a certain state for these tickets? Or just my inclinations? real bad experience with booking online. And not considering NRIs as part of this is beyond me..

    Thanks, Bruce, for doing everything you can! Kudos

    • As of now there are no specific preferences. If you still want to have a darshan do free darshan in afternoon, they’re not as crowded as morning

  8. Dear Sir, thanks for your efforts to update devotees on the arrangements. I want to escort a senior citizen. Can I go as an escort?

  9. Sir in 500 rs ticket for morning darshan how many people are allowed per ticket. It is Archana ticket so with one ticket how many will be allowed.

  10. Sir, Iam 58 years old woman. Am I considered as senior citizen so that I can take a senior citizen queue and shall I bring my sister with me .. will they allow? As I can’t go alone.

  11. Namaste,
    At first, your deeds are very helpful for the devotees.
    Is there any special entrance for 3 or 4 year kids and their parents?
    Please support.

  12. The online booking is fake…. internally something else happens …when I booked 300 Rs. ticket in the next step its says “Targeted requests(1) received. Please try again after clearance of pending transactions at bank side !!” which does come multiple times. I wasted almost 2 hrs and pending status will never finish but the booking status finishes. All this seems fraud.
    Whats you answer to this?
    I hop many would have experienced similar problem? If yes just reply to my post with your observations.

    • Thats not fake sir. You are getting that error message because, someone else had made the payment already and site is yet to get confirmation from respective bank. If that payment is not successfull, then next in queue will get the ticket. It is just 1900 tickets per day, so obviously very very high demand

  13. Sir,

    Thanks for posting this information and helping/guiding many devotees like me. I have booked ticket for special darshanam. I got ticket with date August 14th , 6PM IST.

    Now how to take copy of that ticket? From where I can print that ticket? I saw the ticket during the booking. But later I did not take printout. how to view the ticket again?

    Also I want to have darshanam with family (Wife, 2 kids 4 years, 1 year old). Will they allow our family based on my ticket? Thanks in advance sir

    • @Krishna The ticket is for 1 person only (your kids will be allowed though). You can print the ticket from your email (you should have received it by now), Also report early to get darshan early. They don’t check your timings.. You can go in the afternoon too.


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