Athi Varadar Crowd Status, Waiting Time Today (14 August 2019) – Live Updates

Athi Varadar crowd status august 14

The Athi Varadhar festival enters the final two days of darshan and the crowd has increased uncontrollably in the last few days. We at TheNewsCrunch are committed to provide accurate and relatable information with regards to the experience and crowd status at stake for the next few days. VIP, Donor Passes, Rs. 500 and Rs. 300 online booking darshans are equally crowded. Be aware
Update – Athi Varadar Darshan Timings for August 15th 2019 changed due to Adi Garuda Seva.

Today is the 14th of August 2019, Tuesday and it is expected that the crowd will be more as there are only two more days of darshan remaining for Athi Varadar Vaibhavam. However, in comparison to the crowd levels last Tuesday, the waiting will be higher owing to the last week rush. The details mentioned below is the expected waiting time for darshan and the crowd status at Athi Varadar for today.

Early Morning Free Darshan – Approx 5 hours

Dharma Darshan / Free Darshan – 6 hours to 8 hours

Rs 300 Special Darshan – 3.5 to 4.5 hours, West Gopuram Gate

Rs 500 Special Darshan – 4 hour wait time approx, West Gopuram Gate

Senior Citizen Queue – 4 hours approx wait time, East Gopuram Gate

Parents with Infants Queue – 4 hours approx wait time, East Gopuram Gate

Athivaradhar News Updates for August 14th

  • VIP visits planned for today –
    • Chief Minister of Telangana Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao along with his wife Shobha & daughter Kavitha offered prayers at Athi Varadar temple in Kanchi today.
    • Day 44 of Athi Varadar darshan today – The Lord looked magnanimous in yellow silk robes, bordered with a shining green ‘pattu’ border.
  • There will be no darshan of Athi Varadar at Sri Devarajaswami temple on 17th August.
  • On 17th Aug 2019, the idol will be sent back to its vault inside the Ananthasaras tank.
  • The temple doors will now close at 2 AM instead of 11 PM.
  • No VIP and VVIP Darshan on 16th & 17th August 2019.
  • Collector P. Ponniah hinted that devotees should be prepared to wait for upto 2 days for the darshan.
  • For the VIPs and devotees with donor pass, a new ramp would be provided at the exit point at West gopuram.
  • Idol would be placed in the Ananthasaras tank on 17 August 2019.

Let us know if you have any questions or queries. Also check out our previous posts related to Athivaradhar to make your visit a seamless and memorable one.


  1. I have a special vision 300 rs ticket for August 14 at 8pm. When should be the reporting time and how long will it take to complete darshan?
    Thanks in advance.

    • @Bharadwaj go early, it will take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. Prepare yourself to stand in the crowded street.

    • Congratulations- your pass will be valid for next 40th year. VIP PASS has been closed, ppl standing in Q from morning 6 but never got chance to enter the temple

  2. enter thru the Srirangam Raja veedhi street. it Is the entry way for donor pass and spl entry tickets. No shops, toilets at the street. keep water, small snacks if elder accompany you. If no VVVIPs then it will take atleast 5hrs for sure as of yesterdays crowd. The arrangements are good, but no other go as the town is not designed to meet such a huge crowd.

    Varadha Photri!!!!

  3. Hi I am Chennai, is it possible to visit Kanchipuram and get dharshan on 15th Aug’19. Can we book tickets online. Pl advise

  4. Yesterday 13th August I joined the Donor Pass Que @ 3.45 AM and by the time we had the Darshan of Athi Varadhan Perumal it was 9.45 AM. ie almost 6 Hrs in Que that too in Donor Pass Que. Also according to reports on 15th & 16th there wouldn’t be any special que for Donor Pass / VIP / VVIP Darshan. Hence it would be General Que Darshan. I expect waiting time would be anything between 15 to 24 Hrs during 15th & 16th

  5. Donor Pass wait time is 2 hrs 30 min, VIP pass 1 hr 30 min, Free Dharshan any were around 8 – 10 hrs.
    I had Dharshan yesterday and this is my observation based on inquiry i did with people there who took had dharshan by all the three modes.

  6. I have Rs 300 ticket scheduled for 15th Aug 11:00AM in the morning.
    Any suggestions on the preferred time that i should be available there.

  7. We heard news that darshan date will be extended for total 108 days instead of 48 days. A petition in this regard is filed in the court. Do you have any latest update and information on this? Please share

  8. Hi Bryce,
    Today we have plant to come to temple around 11’o PM . so, please let me know which gate we need to enter and gate close time today .We need to see god tomorrow(15/08/2019) early morning .

    • @Lavanya have to convert into pass at Collector’s office that’s the usual procedure. Check with police at Kancheepuram tomorrow.

  9. Dear All
    I am Kumaramuruggan working in LAKSHMI AMMAL POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE KOVILPATTI went to Kanchipuram for ATHIVARADHAR Darson on 11.08.19 SUNDAY after Worshiping KAMATCHIAMMAN and KUMARAKOTTAM MURUGAN .I joined the Donor Pass Que @ 2.45 p.m and by the time we had the Darshan of Athi Varadhan Perumal it was 4.15 p.m ..It took One and half hours for me for dharshan .While in the QUE I was Chanting HARE KRISHNA MANTRA .

  10. Worst experience. I hate kanchipuram .Government has taken worthless support to Public . Public is suffering a lot to visit adhi varthai. No proper chann el to visit the temple. Public with infant old people are really tired . Really frustrated. Police are harassing public. Worst experience with donor pass.


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