Asuran actress Ammu Abirami tests positive for COVID 19

Ammu Abirami

The actress, who has acted in a few films, including Dhanush’s ‘Asuran,’ has announced that she has isolated herself after testing positive for COVID 19.

Actress Ammu Abirami has acted in many movies, including ‘Asuran’ starring Dhanush. She had a sudden fever a few days ago. She tested positive for the coronavirus and was diagnosed with COVID 19.

On her social media page, Ammu Abirami said, ‘I had symptoms of the flu, and I got tested following a doctor’s recommendation. Then it was confirmed that I had COVID 19. Following this, I isolated myself at home on the advice of a doctor. I am taking the medication as prescribed by the doctor. I am hopeful that I will be healed again, stronger than before. Everyone be safe, be extra careful. ‘

Following this, her fans have been wishing Ammu Abirami on her speedy recovery.


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