Aron Eisenberg Dead – Star Trek Actor Passed away at the age of 50, Cause of death and Unknown Facts

Aron Eisenberg Dead

Aron Eisenberg, Star Trek Deep Space nine actor dies at the age of 50 on September 21, 2019. He played the role of Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Fans are pouring tributes for the death of this Star Trek actor “We’re heartbroken to share news of the loss of one of our family. Aron Eisenberg was an enormous positive presence in any situation. Forever kind, caring & deeply thoughtful, Aron was every bit as passionate as he appeared on screen. Our love & gratitude is with him & his family.” Eisenberg was sent to the hospital earlier the day he died and was in critical condition. Aron Eisenberg Died of Kidney failure. He Was Born With Only One Kidney. Notedly he and his wife eloped and got married.

Malissa Long Aron Eisenberg’s Wife Wiki and Tribute to his husband

Eisenberg’s wife, Malíssa Longo — confirmed on Facebook that he passed away today, on September 21, at the age of 50. Eisenberg, described himself as “actor, filmmaker and proud father” and was a professional photographer who shot landscapes, concerts, corporate photography, portraits and more. Eisenberg’s earliest credits included an episode of the series Straight Up, the TV movie Amityville: The Evil Escapes and the features The Horror Show, Playroom and Beverly Hills Brats, all in the late 1980s.’ On December 29, 2015, Eisenberg underwent a kidney transplant, the second of his life.

Aron Eisenberg as Nog Star Trek Videos Watch Online

Quite miraculously, Eisenberg spent only four months on the waiting list before finding a match. That match? A friend named Beth Bernstein, who’d seen Eisenberg’s Facebook post about needing a new kidney, offered to donate one of hers to him, and was a match for Eisenberg. “She is just so incredibly selfless to give to me like this,” Eisenberg told in 2015, “that words cannot express my gratitude to her.”

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