Are you happy with Sidharth Shukla eviction from Bigg Boss 13? #WeSupportSidShukla Trending, Vote below

sidharth shukla evicted bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 lates promo on Tuesday 5th November shows a shocking scenario. There was a game were the contestants had to throw cardboad boxes at each other as a part of the task, Sidharth played for his team and tried to snatch the box from Mahira. As Sidharth is strong Mahira was hurt in the task. Bigg Boss had to stop the task and made an announcement that shocked Bigg Boss fans.

Bigg Boss announced that since Sidharth Shukla played a rough game that hurt one of the contestant, he is evicted from Bigg Boss house. Sidharth couldn’t believe it and Asim was seen feeling down as he is his only friend in the house. Sidharth Shukla has a huge fan base and they’re all dejected with this. #WeSupportSidShukla is trending worldwide on Twitter and fans will not be happy seeing him leave the house.

Do you think it’s fair to evict Sidharth Shukla? Vote and comment below.

Do you think Sidharth Shukla should be eliminated?

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  1. Sid is the only human being who plays with dignity. Its a hurt tag game eliminate and Evict Paras and Maira ASAP. Hi Sid Bahrain is with you

    • Really….you support such a regressive thinking, foulmouthed, violent person….probably since you are part of the birds of the same feather flock together tribe

  2. Shukla to hero hai bake sab zero hai Salman sir mai mere aapse request hai agar shukla ne galte ke hai to usko chance dejeye 1 wo galat aadme nahe hai please use game se mat nikalo

  3. No…. I am not happy…. bcoz sid and asim both are the life of big boss 13…. I can’t imagine big boss 13 without sid…. I am sad???

  4. No Shukla must not go according to me as he’s one of the strongest player ,quite straight forward, keeps his point of view, although he becomes bit aggressive that he must look after it but overall he’s a genuine personality and also logical .
    I totally standby #Sid

  5. Siddhart Shukla must get eliminated the only thing he does is bullyiny specially with Asim.He thinks he is very smart but no he is the dumest off all thinks he knows alot only thing he does is to fight not only with boys but with girls he has no respect for them. I dont see any other boys fighting like Siddhart. I dont thing he should be nominated as a winner at all.
    Salman i have no idea about this show , where is the Indian culture going , is this whats going on in India.


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