Are Devoleena and Rashami coming back as wild card contestants in Bigg Boss 13? #BringRashmiDevoBack is trending on Twitter

devoleena rashami bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 first finale had a lot of shocker and twists. One main twist was elimination of Devoleena and Rashami, though Devoleena was expected to go out, Rashami’s elimination was a shock to fans. They were waiting for Salman Khan to announce that she is in secret room during yesterday’s weekend ka vaar episode.

But there was no announcement during weekend ka vaar episode and they even went out to give exit interviews too which were aired. So now the fans are tweeting #BringRashmiDevoBack and trending on Twitter to notify producers of Bigg Boss the support of Devoleena and Rashami fans so that they could be brought back as wild card entries.

Multiple sources are saying that these two contestants will come back as wild card entries after second finale. Do you want to see them again in Bigg Boss 13? Comment below.


    • Haha…if u r bb fan then u should know that they r not eliminated. They r still in bb house. This is done for sure next week they will join after the elimination of this week…so chill

  1. No they should be brought back. They did not play a strong game , they did fight for their existence in house and became very boring. On the contrary, Shefali deserves to be back as she put her heart and soul in the game, came up with very good ideas to win the tasks and gave lot of effort to stay in the house. So BIG NO to Rashmi and Deboleena coming back to the house.

    • Aur Apke Shukla Arti sahnaj Asim ye SB bahut achha Khel re h kya Shukla to phle ladai KR leta h phir apna alag ho Jata h Sahnaj to pagal h vo bachho Vali acting krti h jisse vo show me bni rhe ekdam bekar Khel Khel re h ye SB Arti Ko to big boss ne bachaya h Varna vo to weekend k war me bahar ho jati Asim to ekdam bekar Khel khelta h uska Khel to hme smjh hi na aata h kch smjh hi na aaata h ki vo kya krna chahta h Arti Sycho h Sahnaj Sabse vaddi Vali cycho h asal me in sbko bahar niklna chahiye???

  2. Rashmi and devo they didn’t deserve to go out. They both are very popular in our industry so I don’t think they are deserving to go out in just a first finale. They both are very strong contender than ARTI and MAHIRA in the house so we are support to rashmi and devolina back again.

  3. Shefali bagga should come back as wild card entry
    Please dont eliminate siddharth shukla he is the only strong player in BB house that stupid mahira throw her out of bb house always complained against shukla.

  4. Haha…if u r bb fan then u should know that they r not eliminated. They r still in bb house. This is done for sure next week they will join after the elimination of this week…so chill

  5. What do big boss show makers think of themselves? Rashmi was evicted whereas as public was expecting Aarti to be eliminated . This is not done

  6. No i don’t want them to come again in bigg boss house .I don’t like them nd also Mahira is the worst player in the house soo gys don’t vote for her. Woh toh paras ki wajah se bach jaati hai yaar..

  7. Yeas i totally agree that siddhart shukla is the best player of bigg boss nd i think mahira ne plan krke usse aisa kiya hai aur woh hss bhi rhe the . Yeah papras aur mahira i just hate them guys don’t vote for them plz

  8. Absolutely NOT… noone is keen to see those 2 women back. They were the worst players..wome n like them give women a bad name. Please dont bring them back.

  9. No do not get them back, looking at them we actually feel as if we are watching some saas bahu serial and they both are like Vamp bahus. Mahira was less to create drama against Sid now these 2 as well, too crowded house BB


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