Archana’s daughter Zara was questioned by netizens after Archana’s eviction from Bigg Boss house

Archana Daughter Archana eviction

It is known that Archana was evicted from the Big Boss house yesterday based on low votes. In this context, Netizens’ inappropriate questioning of Archana’s 13-year-old daughter two days ago has come as a shock. Archana’s daughter had posted on her Instagram page two days ago that she had missed her mother and separated from her mother for 70 days.

One of them commented on Archana’s daughter’s post, “Your mom is evicted on Sunday, you won’t miss her anymore,” while another person commented, “Will love win? Ask this question to your mom”. There were more inappropriate questions to Archana’s daughter in the comments section.

Following Kamal Haasan’s claim that Aari was saved last Saturday, Archana, during the break, asked Ramya, Balaji, and Shivani in frustration, “Kadavul irukkana Kumaaru?”. It is also noteworthy that after Archana’s eviction, Aari’s fans teased Archana with the same comment, “Kadavul irukkan Kumaaru.”

However, some have condemned Netizens for teasing Archana’s daughter with inappropriate questions. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.


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