Anupama Episode Written Update 25th July 2023: Watch On Disney Plus Hotstar

Anupama Episode Written Update 25th July 2023


The popular TV show, Anupama, continues to dominate the TRP charts with its loyal viewership. The latest episode opens with Samar asking Dimple if she will accompany him. Dimple reveals that they have no choice but to accept Malti’s offer. This response irks Samar, while Anupama empathizes, acknowledging Samar’s emotional nature. Kinjal points out Samar’s past habit of leaving the dance academy, but Hasmukh adds that Samar’s frustration stems from his inability to support the family financially. Leela emphasizes that Samar can’t bear to see Anupama upset at any cost.

Anupama Episode Written Update 25th July 2023

Dimple eventually convinces Samar to accept the offer, and they decide to take the chance together. Malti outlines the condition that Samar will have to work at Gurukul after signing the contract. Meanwhile, Anupama calls Samar, advising him to avoid falling into any unfavorable situation due to helplessness. Despite her concern, Samar ignores her call. Anuj calls Adhik, impressing Leela with his focus and hard work. Pakhi’s call to Anuj surprises Adhik.

Anupama, thoughtful of Kavya’s well-being, makes sweets for her. Kavya expresses anxiety about her figure, but Anupama reassures her to prioritize the baby’s health. Vanraj finds it difficult to connect with Kavya, and she seeks solace in her mother’s company.

Later, Anupama awaits a surprise from Anuj, but he decides to wait for Dimple and Samar’s return. Leela grows impatient, and Anuj finally reveals that Pakhi will join Kapadia Empire, leaving Adhik in shock. He shares the news with Brakha as well.

Anupama suggests a baby shower for Kavya, and the Shahs discuss the theme. While Leela brings up fashion themes, Anupama thanks Anuj and confesses her feelings. She seeks reassurance from him, and Anuj provides comfort and support.

Upon Samar and Dimple’s return, Anupama inquires about Samar’s upset demeanor. Dimple discloses that Samar has signed the contract with Malti. This revelation shocks everyone present. Samar’s gaze falls on Vanraj, expressing his unwillingness to become good like him, as he feels indebted to Malti Devi.

Anupama decides to protect Samar from Malti Devi’s influence, and the episode ends, leaving viewers eager for more updates. Stay tuned for further developments in the gripping storyline of Anupama.


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