Anupama 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Will Nandini raise her hand on Pakhi?

Anupama 2nd August 2021 Written Update

In the TV serial Anupama, the troubles of the Shah family seems to increase every day. Anupama and Vanraj have to repay the factory loan, and Rakhi Dave has made full use of this opportunity. In the last episode, it was shown that Rakhi creates a lot of ruckus by coming to the Shah house.

Many new twists are going to come in the upcoming episode of Rupali Ganguly’s show. There is going to be a fierce fight between Nandini and Pakhi in Anupama tonight. Kavya will convince Vanraj to go out somewhere. Troubled by the situation, Vanraj will make up his mind to stay away from his family for some time, and he will get ready to go out with Kavya. Pakhi will stop Kavya and talk to her about dance practice.

Kavya will start making a hundred excuses in front of Pakhi. Eventually, Pakhi will decide to practice dance alone. Anupama will listen to Kavya and Pakhi. Upset Anupama will ask Nandini for help. Anupama will ask Nandini to make Pakhi practice dance. Nandini will go to teach dance to Pakhi, but she will behave rudely with Nandini. A heated argument will break out between Nandini and Pakhi. Then Toshu, Samar, Anupama, and Kinjal will also come there. Seeing Pakhi’s growing insolence, Nandini will ask her to slap him.

Toshu will scold both of them, but Kinjal will take Nandini’s side. Pakhi will tell everyone that everyone will be responsible for it if she loses the dance competition. Seeing this form of Pakhi, Anupama will be broken, and she will be in bad condition by crying.

Kavya and Vanraj will fight
Vanraj will tease Kavya’s friend about the loan. While returning home, Kavya will tell Vanraj that she made a mistake by introducing him to her friends. Kavya will not like the fact that why Vanraj shared the troubles of the house with her friend. After this, there will be a lot of fighting between the two. Tell us in the comment box how eager are you to see the upcoming episodes of Anupama?


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