Anupama 28 May 2021 Written Update: Kavya-Vanraj’s wedding sentence pavilion, will be married soon

Anupama 28 May 2021

Kavya has made up her mind to marry Vanraj as soon as she divorces her husband, Anirudh. Kavya has also started wedding preparations. Seeing which Vanraj and the whole family are very sad and shocked. Kavya is engaged in preparations for marriage with Vanraj. Along with this, Rakhi Dave comes to attend the wedding. Vanraj is quite confused about the wedding.

In the TV show ‘Anupama,’ the track of Vanraj and Kavya’s marriage is going on these days, it was shown that Kavya gets divorced with husband Anirudh. Soon after, Kavya starts preparing for the wedding. Kavya also decorates the pavilion from Doctor Advaita. Also, Rakhi Dave comes to attend Kavya’s wedding. Know what will happen in today’s episode.

Kinchal’s mother, Rakhi Dave, was not seen in the show for a long time, but once again, she has been entered in the show. Kavya is busy with her wedding preparations. That’s when Rakhi Dave comes and starts telling them. Bow also gets shocked seeing Rakhi Dave. Rakhi Dave says that she has come to attend Kavya and Vanraj’s wedding.

Vanraj does not want to marry
Vanraj comes to Anupama and tells her that she wishes she had changed her decision to divorce. So today, she is not in these conditions. Vanraj says that he no longer wants to marry Kavya. Anupama explains to Vanraj that he is talking to her. They should do it with Kavya. Then Rakhi Dave arrives and starts pulling Vanraj’s leg. After which, Anupama convinces them not to do something that will make anyone feel bad. But Rakhi Dave says that she has come to enjoy it and will keep it.

Kavya-Vanraj’s Decorating Pavilion
The doctors decorate the wedding pavilion of Advaita Kavya and Vanaraja. Seeing which the whole family gets quite shocked. Kavya becomes very happy after seeing the preparations of Doctor Advaita. When she asks Pakhi to take a picture of the pavilion, everyone ignores them. When Kavya asks to light a lamp in the pavilion, Bow and Sweety also ignore their talk. Kavya gets very angry on seeing this. Vanraj and his entire family leave Kavya in the pavilion. After which alone, Kavya goes to sit in the mandap and lit a lamp.

Rakhi Dave engaged in wooing Kavya
Rakhi Dave tells Kavya that he did well enough not to give Vanraj a chance to think. Rakhi says that Vanraj is still very confused about marriage. After hearing that, Kavya gets very angry. Kavya says that while Vanraj is bound in his old bonds, the new relationship will remain connected. Vanraj gets quite upset seeing Kavya sitting in the pavilion.

Son Tosho advised Vanraj
Vanraj gets very upset about the matter of marriage with Kavya. Due to which their head becomes painful. They are looking for a balm, but they do not find it. Then Tosho comes to them and finds the father’s balm. At the same time, advising Tosho to Father Vanraj, saying that he cannot erase their confusions. But he can still prevent him from making this mistake.


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