Anupama 27th July 2021: Rakhi Dave will get Vanraj’s cafe closed, food critic’s entry will create ruckus

Anupama 27 July 2021

Rakhi Dave will create a lot of ruckus in the upcoming episode of the Star Plus serial Anupamaa. Rakhi Dave wants Vanraj’s cafe to be closed so that there is tension in the Shah family. Rakhi Dave has only one motive that she has to shift her daughter Kinjal to the penthouse. Kinjal wanted to be with her family, and Rakhi does not want to sit hand in hand. In the last episode of Anupamaa, Rakhi insulted Vanraj a lot by coming to his cafe. Now, something is going to happen in Anupama that Vanraj’s cafe will be closed.

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be shown that a well-known food critic will come to Vanraj’s cafe. If this food critic likes the food, then Vanraj’s cafe will be included at the top, but it will also be closed if it does not happen. Maybe Rakhi Dave himself should send this food critic.

Kavya will seek help from Anupama
The food critic will come to Vanraj’s cafe and order thepla and dhokla. Anupama has mastered making these things. In such a situation, Kavya will talk to Anupama crookedly and ask for help. Anupama flatly refuses to help, but she will definitely save the shame of Vanraj’s cafe.

Seeing Kavya’s actions, Vanraj will get angry.
When the food critic asks for the cafe owner’s picture to be clicked, Vanraj wants Baa and Babuji’s picture to come. Kavya will immediately stop Vanraj. She will get her and Vanraj’s picture clicked in front of the food critic. Vanraj will get very angry at this act of Kavya. For the time being, it has to be seen whether Vanraj’s cafe is closed or not?



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