Anupama 26th July 2021 Written Update: Customer calls Kavya as aunty, Rakhi breaks Vanraj’s pride

Anupama 26 july 2021 Written update

Rakhi Dave has created a lot of panics these days in the TV serial Anupama. Rakhi Dave wants her daughter Kinjal and son-in-law Shah to leave the house and live in a new house, but this is not happening. In the last episode, too, Rakhi Dave created a lot of ruckus by coming to Shah House. Rakhi Dave had called Vanraj a beggar and even a road-chap. Rakhi Dave is also going to create a lot of ruckus in Anupama’s upcoming episode. In the next episode of Anupama, Vanraj is going to face many setbacks at once.

Mama will reach Vanraj’s cafe first, and he will call home and tell that there is a line of customers outside the cafe. Vanraj’s happiness will not have a place, but all his happiness will be destroyed in the next moment. In fact, the old customer will bring some of his friends to the cafe, and he will demand Anupama’s handmade burger. Anpuma will refuse to go to Vanraj’s cafe.

To save the shame of Vanraj’s cafe, Kavya will give food cooked by her own hands to that customer. After this, there will be a lot of commotion in the cafe. The customer will not only insult Kavya, but she will also call her aunty. Kavya will somehow suppress her anger, but she will take care of everything by hitting a banging entry in the cafe the very next moment. With Anupama’s help, Ba will make many burgers and bring them to the cafe and make that customer happy.

Rakhi Dave will break Vanraj’s cafe
In the upcoming episode of Anupama, you will see that Rakhi will come to Dave Vanraj’s cafe, and one by one, she will ask all the customers to leave the cafe. Vanraj will be shocked to see this. Rakhi Dave will tell that these customers came here only at her request. Rakhi will make the members of Shah House fight among themselves. In such a situation, she will plan to get Kinjal and her son-in-law out of Shah House.


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