Anupama 25 March 2021 Written Update: This time will Anupama’s Holi be the last in the Shah family? This happened on Holika Dahan

Anupama 25 March 2021

In the serial Anupama, viewers are getting to see the new twists every day. Kavya had to leave Shah House when Pakhi returned home. Here, only a few days are left for Anupama and Vanraj to get divorced. This will be the last holi in Anupama’s house, and thinking that every member of the house is unfortunate.

In the coming episodes, it will be shown that Holika prepares everyone for combustion. Ba asks Anupama to narrate the story of Holika Dahan. Anupama tells the story to everyone and says that everyone should burn their anger in this fire this time. After the story, Anupama completes all the rituals.

All the house people do a lot of ajoy, only then, at the behest of Ba, Vanraj extracts the coconut from the fire. But seeing that her hand burns, Anupama puts ice on her hand. After which everyone dances. Meanwhile, Kavya tells Anupama that as the day of divorce is getting closer, you start beating hands and feet.

After listening to Kavya, Anupama tells her that this time it is her last Holi, so do not try to look into her happiness. In the last episode, you saw that Anupama would sign the divorce papers soon, after which they will be legally separated. This divorce is going to bring a new change in the life of Vanraj and Anupama.

Till now, you have seen Pakhi come home, and everyone gets a little nervous about seeing him. Pakhi goes to meet Vanraj. Ba is upset, wondering what will happen when Pakhi comes to know about Kavya. Then Pakhi opens the door, and he sees Kavya and Vanraj in front.


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