Anupama 23 March 2021 Written Update: On this condition Pakhi returned to her house, Vanraj removed Kavya from the Shah family!

Anupama 23 March 2021

Serial Anupama has become quite emotional these days. Pakhi is back home, and she starts crying after seeing Vanraj and Kavya together. Pakhi does not listen to anyone, after which Samar takes him to Nandini’s house. Anupama and Vanraj go there to convince her.

In Anupama 23rd March 2021 episode, it will be shown that Pakhi tells Anupama and Vanraj that if Kavya stays in that house, she will not live there. If both of you get divorced in 6 months, then before that, you guys should be the same. She says that she cannot accept Kavya right now.

Anupama comes to her house and asks Kavya to leave. She says now that the matter has come on my family, you will have to leave. Kavya does not want to leave that house and says she is never going to leave. Kavya says this house belongs to Vanraj, and he will decide. After which, Vanraj also asks him to leave the house.

Hearing the decision of Vanraj, Kavya has to leave from there. Kavya thinks that Anupama has used her children to expel me from home, but one day she will expel every member of the house from home. She is just waiting for the separation of both of them.

In the last episode, you saw Pakhi come home, and everyone gets a little nervous after seeing him. Pakhi goes to meet Vanraj. Ba is upset, wondering what will happen when Pakhi comes to know about Kavya. Then Pakhi opens the door, and he sees Kavya and Vanraj in front.



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