Anupama 22 March 2021 Written Update: Pakhi gets angry seeing Kavya with Vanraj, hreatens Anupama and all the family members

Anupama 22 March 2021

The serial Anupama is engaging the audience with its interesting track. Kavya is constantly provoking Vanraj to get the house to his name. There have been 100 students in Anupama’s dance class, and everyone is pleased with this. Samar and all the family members give a surprise party to Anupama.

In the upcoming episode, Pakhi will be shown, and everyone gets a little nervous after seeing him. Pakhi goes to meet Vanraj. Ba is upset, wondering what will happen when Pakhi comes to know about Kavya. Then Pakhi opens the door, and he sees Kavya and Vanraj in front.

Pakhi gets very angry after seeing all this and starts explaining it all. Pakhi does not listen to anyone. Pakhi says that Kavya should not come into this house. Samar takes her to Nandini so that she can explain it. Here Vanraj and Anupama also go to talk to Pakhi.

Pakhi says that if she stays in that house, then she will not live there. In the last episode, you saw that after seeing Ba and Anupama coming together, Kavya embraces Vanraj. Seeing this, Ba gets irritated, and Vanraj tells Kavya not to do this again. Anupama sees a gift in his room, which has a small bank on which Anupama is written.

Till now you have seen that Anupama is pleased to see the cake. Samar tells him that there are 100 students in his class. The children tell Anupama that her dance academy is about to start a bang. Seeing her dreams come true, there is no place for Anupama’s happiness.



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