Anupama 20 February 2021 Written Update: Kavya reached Anupama’s house again, Ba stops Vanraj from birthday party

Anupama 20 February 2021

In Anupama, the audience is getting to see the high voltage drama. Pakhi comes back to Anupama once again. Pakhi gets heartbroken by Kavya’s talk, and she leaves her house. Pakhi tells Anupama not to get divorced from Vanraj.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Pakhi becomes happy after seeing Vanraj at home and wishes him a birthday. Vanraj tells him that next time, he came here only after telling him. Ba says that today Vanraj will be with him all day. There will be puja first, followed by havan, then party and night dance. Hearing this, Pakhi says that today he is going out with Kavya.

Baa becomes very sad to hear this, and Anupama explains them. Ba does not understand anything and stops Vanraj at home by emotional blackmail. Here Kavya calls Vanraj again and again, but his phone stops. Then Kavya calls Pakhi and says that you do not come back from wherever you have been. Anupama listens to all these things. Pakhi says that whoever comes between his father will not forgive him, even if it is poetry.

Here Kavya is very angry and says that Vanraj has decided to dispose of you today, right? She says that you have a happy family and this new relationship that is going to start is also yours. Here everyone starts preparing for Vanraj’s party.

Kavya comes to Anupama’s house and gets very angry seeing Vanraj and her together. Vanraj takes him out from there. Ba tells Anupama that today Vanraj cannot go without worshiping, and it is your responsibility to stop him in some way. The upcoming episode is going to be quite interesting.


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