Anupama 18 May 2021 Written Update: Anupama changed her house as soon as she got divorced, now she will have to fight cancer

Anupama 18 May 2021

After getting divorced from Vanraj, Anupama shifts to another house. At the same time, the final report of Anupama has arrived. Anupama shifts to another house after getting divorced. On the other hand, Kavya says that she is busy with wedding preparations for the wedding card. Anupama’s final report has arrived. It is revealed that she has cancer.

On the last day, i.e., May 16, Vanraj and Anupama got divorced. After which both return home. Everyone is eagerly waiting for them; Anupama shifts to her second home as soon as she comes home. At the same time, Dr. Advaita receives his final medical report. So let’s tell you what will happen in today’s episode.

Vanraj-Anupama returned to her home.

Vanraj and Anupama return home together after their divorce from Doctor Advaita. On the way, Anupama asks her to play the song in the car. As he plays the song and the song goes, I have a breakup with my Sanjiya Ji. Anupama and Vanraj start to feel strange while listening to this song. On the other hand, everyone in the house is waiting for both of them to return. Tosho and Samar are very sad due to divorce.

Anupama changed her home.

Anupama and Vanraj return to the resort as soon as they get divorced. She decides that she will no longer be able to live with them all in that house. Hearing this, she becomes furious. She tries hard to stop Anupama. But Anupama explains to Bo and leaves alone to another house. Whom everyone is shocked to see. Anupama, who is separated from home for the first time, feels alone in the new house. So the voices of all the families start to be heard in their ears. She gets distraught to hear that.

Kavya came to meet Anupama

Kavya brings tea to Anupama. Seeing which Anupama is quite surprised. Kavya tells Anupama that she is now alone. They have not had any. Neither family nor husband and no son. Because now she is no longer the wife of Vanraj. Kavya says that after marriage, she will not stop him from talking to anyone. Not even from Vanraj. Kavya tells Anupama that she herself wanted this life, which they got. At the same time, Anupama says that one gets birth. Life has to be made.

Kavya printed a wedding card.

While the entire family is depressed over Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce, on the other hand, Kavya is weaving dreams of marriage. Kavya goes to the whole family and hands over the wedding card to Bau. Bow and Vanraj get very angry after seeing this. Kavya says that after Vanraj and their divorce, they both had to get married. So why the delay? At the same time, Kavya also asks the children to choose the place of marriage.  Everyone looks at Kavya with a surprised look.

Anupama gets cancer

Anupama’s final report has arrived. Doctor Advaita goes to his house to talk to Anupama and says he wants to talk to her. Anupama asks him what has come in his final report. After which, Dr. Advait says that she has cancer. Anupama gets shocked and upset after hearing this. But she says she is fully prepared for it. Seeing Anupama’s confidence, Doctor Advaita also says to support her.


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