Anupama 15 March 2021 Written Update: Vanraj was enraged at Samar, said this about Kavya

Anupama 15 March 2021 Written Update

In the serial Anupama, the audience is getting to see tremendous drama. Vanraj does not want Nandini to be the daughter-in-law of her house at any cost. Samar and Vanraj’s Mahashivratri is fiercely debated about this matter. Samar clearly said that he was not going to leave Nandini.

In the Anupama episode airted today, 15th March 2021, Vanraj tells Samar that you could not play it when you got a father’s role in the school. Today you are telling me that I do not have right over this house. Vanraj becomes very emotional and says that he has fulfilled every duty, have a brother, have a son, and be a father.

Vanraj says that he has worked hard to build this house and has also fulfilled everyone’s dreams. From Samar, they say that if you consider your mother as God, consider me a human being. Next, Vanraj says that I have just made a mistake, I have fallen in love with Kavya, but now I do not have the right to this house; it cannot happen.

In the last episode, you saw that Vanraj and Samar fight to handle Anupama, but it does no effect. Vanraj tells Samar that he should leave the house and go away. Samar angrily says that this house is not yours. If someone should go, it is both of you because this house belongs to the mother.

Till now, you have seen that Anupama decorates the entire house on Mahashivratri. Vanraj asks him for his help. She puts a vaccine on her head, and Vanraj goes to plant her vermilion. But she sees Kavya, after which Vanraj gives her just a vaccine.



  1. Wow!! Welcome to the Indian thinking and Indian series Anupama!! How easily Vanraj justifies such a grave mistake of his extra marital affair he had over all these years of his married life behind his wife’s back, his wife not knowing about it!!! And that’s not the only mistake he did, he even treated his wife and his younger son like shit!!! He was ashamed of his wife he never acknowledged her and never supported his younger son!! He was unfaithful to his wife all these years and then he has the guts to say that i am not a womaniser it was only with one woman!!!😳🤷‍♀️ He used to make such an issue if his wife or son made little mistakes but easily justifies his biggest mistake!! A mother never rubs her face on her kids telling them how much she has done for them then why do fathers do??!! Just bcoz they bring in the money home?? If you’re bringing money home doesn’t mean you’re allowed to dominate and treat your family like shit and do whatever you want!! Earning, supporting, loving, giving your family every comfort is every father’s and mother’s love and duty. That love and duty shouldn’t justify you’re mistakes in the future!! And yes i am not a teenager speaking I am a parent myself! I used to love your show Anupama one of the best shows running today but sorry I wouldn’t want to see this crap anymore!!


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