Anupama 13 May 2021 Written Update: Anupama’s health deteriorates before going to court, will Vanraj-Anupama’s divorce be postponed?

Anupama 13 may 2021

Anupama and Vanraj prepare for court as fixed by Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce date. Then Anupama’s health worsens, and she faints. Even after that, she does not change her decision to get divorced. Vanraj and Anupama are going to be divorced in the TV show Anupama. Anupama’s health deteriorates while going to court. Know whether Vanraj and his divorce will be stopped due to Anupama’s deteriorating health?

In the TV show ‘Anupama,’ the track of Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce is going on these days. At the same time, Vanraj considers Anupama not to divorce, but Anupama does not change her decision despite this. At the same time, Kavya will also be seen venting her anger on Vanraj. Also, Anupama’s health worsens before the court can know. Because of this, she faints. So let’s tell you whether Vanraj and Anupama will get divorced in today’s episode or not.

Anupama told her decision
Vanraj felt that after talking to Anupama, he had changed his decision to divorce. On the morning of the divorce, Anupama says that she has not changed her decision. She is not able to forget Vanraj’s deception even after wanting it. Anupama says she will go to court and give him talc. Let us tell you what will happen today Anupama-Vanraj’s divorce.

Kavya gave last warning to Vanraj
Vanraj, who is trying to postpone the divorce, also recites Kavya in front of the entire family. Kavya tells Vanraj that she is pleased that she found a girl like him. Who still loves them even after seeing a million things. Kavya tells Vanraj that if he does not make any mistake in divorcing now, it will not be bad for him.

Vanraj-Anupama ready to learn court
Vanraj and Anupama prepare for divorce. During this, Anupama’s hand looks like Vanaraja’s given saree, which is the first time they have given a gift. Seeing this, Anupama becomes very emotional and remembers all the beautiful moments spent with Vanraj. On the other hand, Vanraj also remembers how Anupama used to give clothes and breakfast to Vanraj. She also used to get very sad after remembering that.

Anupama’s deteriorating health
While going to court for divorce, Anupama’s health worsens, and she faints and falls to the ground. Seeing this, the whole family gets shocked and upset. After which doctors come and tell that due to weakness, she has fainted. Even after this, Anupama wakes up and gets ready to go to court. Seeing which Vanraj gets very angry and scolds him a lot. After which, Anupama does not agree.


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