Anitha gives a fitting reply to Aari’s fans after eviction from Bigg Boss house

Anitha Bigg Boss

One of the Big Boss contestants, Aari, has a huge fan base on social media. It’s seen that whoever has a disagreement with Aari inside Bigg Boss house gets evicted after nomination. This is evidenced by the fact that Samyuktha, Archana, who fought with Aari, and Anitha, who had a confrontation with Aari, were evicted from Bigg Boss house even though there were other weaker contestants in nomination.

In this case, an Aari fan has posted a controversial post on social media about Anitha. It read, “If Aari’s fans think of one, they’ll do it, and that is the reason you got evicted.” Anita has responded to this post saying that it is ugly for voters to evict someone if he or she speaks out against Aari, and even Aari will not be proud of it; the rule is to expel those who do not play well in the house, and that those who do not qualify are still at the house because of people like you.
Anitha Aari fan
Anitha Sampath has similarly responded that she is saddened to hear Aari fans’ opinions. She is not proud to say that the Aari’s fans’ vote came to her, that she would be proud only if the votes came for her gameplay. She also added that she’s proud to be true to those who voted for her by pointing out her strengths rather than going to the finals with Aari’s fans’ support.



  1. Aari may have a lot of fan following for reasons other than his achievements inside BB house. He has a lot of negatives like always talking critical of others to a housemate whom he picks when alone and his backbite lecture is very lengthy in chaste tamil. His dance is the most awkward to watch among all contestants. If anyone else had similar nature, he/she would have got evicted in the start itself. His fans who are in large numbers can’t tolerate even a slight comment against Aari by others inside BB house (except Bala perhaps who is like Karna inside with a lot of individuality) and they unite to evict such members – eg. Sanam, Sam, Archana, Anitha and now in the line Ramya. This is not a healthy trend as it amounts to political game and is definitely not a BiggBoss show game. It spoils the charm of the show.

    • Aari haters such as yourself simply don’t understand the BB show format. If a contestant cannot handle feedback, they should not partake, period.
      You think it is okay to corner and abuse a contestant when the put their opinion out or when they advice those playing a weak or unfair or dishonest game.
      You give little value to common decency, and instead you comment on the discomfort you feel with his dancing. Each person has their opinion of others’ dancing.
      Sanam wasn’t voted off by Aari fans. The others like Samyuktha and Archana earned their eviction; they were super toxic. Anitha, actually earned her eviction too because of her own anger issues. Audience just don’t want to see such anger and abusive behaviour. It is because of their toxic behaviour, audience chose to keep the non-toxic weaklings.
      Common decency should win.


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