Anchor Varshini Sounderajan dance video goes viral on social media

Varshini Anchor

All the star anchors who are famous on the small screen are making a lot of impact on social media. They stay at home, shoot various videos and entertain their fans. Similarly, star anchor Varshini is also going viral using social media platforms to the maximum.

With her funny and dumb expressions and dance moves, Varshini has garnered a huge following on social media platforms. She shares her glamorous photos and videos with the fans from time to time and is entertaining her fans every day with something new and interesting; hence her fan’s base on social media is skyrocketing.

Varshini, who recently remixed a video of the beauty drinking side by side, has been bustling with another video to see if it has gone viral. When it was raining on one side, the hot anchor danced with her friend in the backyard. Now, this video is being circulated by fans on social media. Netizens are naughtily commenting on this video. Take a look at this video yourself.



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