American Idol 2021 Voting and Elimination Updates: Mother’s day Special, Who Will Be Eliminated With Least Votes?

american idol 2021 voting eliminations finalists

American Idol 2021 returns with another entertaining episode on Sunday night, the 9th of May 2021. As the competition toughens, three contestants were eliminated last week and failed to make the cut to the top 7. Cassandra Coleman, Deshawn Gonsalves and Alyssa were eliminated last week after the American Idol 2021 voting results pointed to the least votes for these three singers.

Mother’s day special episode on American Idol will feature the performances of the top 7 contestants. The elimination of suspense will take the audience by surprise towards the end of the episode.

American Idol 2021 Top 7 Contestants

Sr No. Contestant Name Age Profession From Status
1 Jason Warrior 25 Music Teacher Chicago, IL Eliminated
(Top 24)
2 Cassandra Coleman 24 Coffee Shop Manager Columbia, TN Eliminated
3 Grace Kinstler 20 College Student Lakewood, IL In Top 7
4 Alanis Sophia 19 College Student Dade City, FL Eliminated
(Top 16)
5 Anilee List 20 College Student Los Angeles, CA Eliminated
(Top 24)
6 Liahona Olayan 17 High School Student Vineyard, UT Eliminated
(Top 24)
7 Willie Spence 21 Caretaker Douglas, GA In Top 7
8 Hannah Everhart 17 High School Student Pickens, MS Eliminated
(Top 24)
9 Casey Bishop 16 High School Student Estero, FL In Top 7
10 Chayce Beckham 24 Sales Apple Valley, CA In Top 7
11 Cecil Ray 20 Machine Operator Rockdale, TX Eliminated
(Top 24)
12 Graham DeFranco 27 Pilot Rockwall, TX Eliminated
(Top 16)
13 Mary Jo Young 19 College Student Cleveland, OH Eliminated
(Top 24)
14 Hunter Metts 22 Software Coder Franklin, TN In Top 7
15 Beane 23 Wedding Singer Boston, MA Eliminated
(Top 12)
16 Alyssa Wray 18 College Student Perryville, KY Eliminated
17 Caleb Kennedy 16 High School Student Roebuck, SC In Top 7
18 Madison Watkins 25 Hair Model Los Angeles, CA Eliminated
(Top 12)
19 Ava August 15 High School Student Laguna Niguel, CA Eliminated
(Top 12)
20 Deshawn Goncalves 20 College Student Cleveland, OH Eliminated
21 Alana Delsherm 22 Unemployed Lakewood Ranch, FL Eliminated
(Top 24)
22 Andrea Valles 23 Vocalist Houston, TX Eliminated
(Top 24)
23 Colin Jamieson 22 Wedding Singer Boston, MA Eliminated
(Top 16)
24 Wyatt Pike 20 College Student Park City, UT Drop-out
(Top 16)

American Idol 2021 9th May Episode Highlights – Coldplay Specials

The episode on Sunday will feature seven contestants from the American Idol 2021 season. However, one of them will bid goodbye to their journey in American Idol.

The episode will feature three special guests and most importantly, the best of Disney music from the talented bunch of top 10 singers. The episode will be telecasted between 8-10 p.m. on ABC on Sunday, the 2nd of May 2021. The top 7 singers sang some of the best songs of Coldplay.

Caleb Kennedy sang the hit song, “Violet Hill” to seal his way into the top 6 of American Idol 2021. Arthur Gunn sang “In My Place” and “Simple Man”, while Casey sang “Paradise” and “Ironic”. Willy sang “Yellow” and “You are so Beautiful”.

American Idol Comeback Show Winner

The winner of the American Idol Comeback Show Gunn joined the contestants. Interestingly, he ended up as the runner-up in the show, ‘Just Sam’ in 2020.

American Idol 2021 Online Live Voting Procedure

American Idol 2021 voting lines will open on Sunday during the episode. The live voting procedure to support your favorite singer is as follows:

  • Viewers can cast their online votes at (
  • Live voting lines will be open across America. However, the votes can be cast by above 16-year-olds and their base location should be in the United States, Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.
  • Another method of casting your vote is through text messages.
  • The other method of casting your vote is through the American Idol App.

American Idol 2021 Voting Numbers

  • Caleb Kennedy: Text 1 to 21523
  • Casey Bishop: Text 4 to 21523
  • Chayce Beckham: Text 5 to 21523
  • Grace Kinstler: Text 10 to 21523
  • Hunter Metts: Text 9 to 21523
  • Willie Spence: Text 2 to 21523


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