Amazon Amazfit Verge Quiz Answers Revealed!


The Amazon Prime Day season is filled with exciting forthcoming deals for Amazon Prime members, great releases on Prime Video and stunning discounts on Echo products on Amazon Prime Days which falls on July 15th and 16th.

As we head into the second week of July, the Amazon Prime Day quizzes are getting even more exciting and challenging. There is a daily quiz which happens to be live everyday between 8AM to 12 Noon.

There are other brand driven quizzes like the Intel Amazon Quiz, the Amazon Fit Quiz will are giving customers exciting offers to woo them to participate.


Q1. Amazfit brand of smartwatches comes from which of the following parent companies?
Ans. Huami

Q2. Huami is the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi, and also the maker of ____ range of activity trackers. Fill in the blanks.
Ans. Mi Band

Q3. Which of these is NOT a smartwatch by Amazfit?
Ans. Amazfit Speed

Q4. Which of the following is a feature of Amazfit BIP Lite?
Ans. All Of The Above

Q5. The Amazfit BIP lite can provide up to ____ days of battery life on a single charge. Fill in the blanks.
Ans. 45 Days


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