ALT Balaji Gandi Baat Season 5: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Plot Revealed!


One of the most popular shows on ALT Balaji is the adult web series Gandi Baat. The series had previously been renewed for four seasons. The viewers are eagerly awaiting the next season. This anthological series has been a talked about subject ever since its premiere. Gandi Baat Season 5 is expected to premiere on ALT Balaji in 2020 itself. Here is everything you need to know about Gandi Baat Season 5 from its release date to the cast.

How to watch Gandi Baat Season 5?

Gandi Baat is available on the ALT Balaji app. They do not offer any free trial and there is a three month subscription that has to be purchased. Once you avail the subscription you are able to access Gandi Baat.

How to Join ALT Balaji?

• Go to the Alt Balaji Official website
• Subscribe 3 month subscription for Rs.100
• Watch Gandii Baat Season 4 Web Series and more.
• TV series AltBalaji Originals

Gandi Baat Season 5 Release Date

The makers dropped the fourth season of Gandi Baat on ALT Balaji in January 2020. The season 4 was titled as Meetha Meetha… Pyaara Pyaara. The announcement of Gandi Baat Season 5 is yet to be made by the makers. The reason to Gandi Baat has been positive and in enormous amounts, the makers will announce Season 5 soon. It can be expected to release around May-June 2020. The Season 5 trailer should be expected soon.

Gandi Baat Season 5 Cast

The cast of Gandi Baat Season 5 has not been announced as of now. It is expected that the actors from previous season might reprise their roles in the upcoming season as well. Gandi Baat Season 5 cast has not been announced yet. However, we can expect some actors from episodes in Gandii Baat Season 4 could reprise their roles in the upcoming season as well. Actors like Salman Shaikh, Ankit Bhardwaj, Ashish Dixit, and Aditya Singh Rajput might be part of Gandii Baat Season 5 cast.

Gandi Baat Season 4 Recap

To recap Gandii Baat Season 4, the episodes spoke about the lack of sex education in Indian society, superstitions in rural parts of India, ex-marital affairs, normalizing swinging and discussing topics that were termed as uncomfortable.



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