All About Gandii Baat Season 4 – Trailers, Launch Date, Cast, Episodes


Gandii Baat is a web series directed by Sachin Mohite for ALTBalaji. It is also available on ZEE5 app. Each episode in the series feature separate erotic theme story from Rural India. The trailer of Gandii Baat Season 4 was launched on 31st December 2019. This trailer was solid and made an impact about how the further series would be.

After the success of last 3 season, Gandii Baat has unveiled its 4th Season. The first episode shall start streaming on 7Th January 2020. Gandii Baat as a web series has had tremendous success.

The cast of Gandii baat Season 4 includes Mridula Mahajan, Aditya Singh Rajput, Sneha Mishra, Rohit Mishra and Sanjana Phadke. This Season, the makers have planned a special episode along with 4 different story episodes. These all 4 episodes are about love and lust which makes you do crazy things in life. Its about your fantasies that you want to fulfill.

Let’s go through the what these Episodes have for us.

Gandii Baat Season 4 Episode List

Episode 1- Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna

Amar is happily married man. How-ever his wife is in love with Prem. To fulfill her desires, he decides to make Prem part of their lives. Now there is strange love triangle that’s formed, will the society accept it? To know more, watch this episode filled with love and lust

Episode 2- Woh Saat Din

In a village, there is an old traditional custom wherein all the men and women have to switch their respective partners for 7 days each month. One such couple go against this old traditional custom. To know what happens next, watch this episode of Gaandi Baat.

Episode 3- Mera Pyaar Paan Nahi, Jisme Tum Chuna Laga Do

Jayant is fed up of his wife’s constant nagging. One day he comes up with an advertisement where in they are selling a second hand almirah. He contacts the beautiful women who placed the advertisement. He contacts her and they become too friendly. Their friendship reveals some dark secrets. To know more about these Secrets, watch this episode.

Episode 4- 5 Star Pati Mera

Village is a popular tourist destination for the city people. One day, a group of beautiful women arrive in the village. Unemployed Village men get attracted to them. Their wives understand this and get a clever opportunity to earn money. Tune into this Episode to see what the opportunity was.

Special Episode- Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara

Kusum is soon to be married to Saawan. Saawan is excited about this marriage while Kusum is afraid about it. She learns something to overcome her fear and help others. Watch this Episode to know how she overcame her fear.



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