Ahmedabad Gujarat Coronavirus Updates: Viral Video of Cops Destroying Vegetable Vendors Carts Leaked from Ahemdabad


The entire country is in lockdown due to corona virus, which means there are currently two sections of people- one who are able to sit at home with groceries available and the other who live on hand to mouth basis and require selling essential commodities for their families to eat. Vegetables are an essential commodity which in the current scenario is scarce. People are unable to find enough vegetables which are making them scared. The vegetable vendors are allowed to keep their stalls open so that the citizens can purchase vegetables while maintaining social distancing.

The police of our country have been making us immensely proud during these crucial times. They have been up and about doing their duty diligently. Police have been doing the rounds and working tirelessly to help India combat this deadly virus.


Unfortunately today these two crucial elements fused to not create a pretty picture. A video went viral from Ahemdabad where the police have driven into an area where vegetable vendors are standing with their carts. The carts are full with vegetables and fruits. Both essential items which are edible. These police personnel’s not only create fear and ruckus leading to everyone running away causing utter chaos but they take it a notch higher. The police begin to upturn the carts throwing all that was in it on the road. They seem to be furious and out of control.

As citizens we agree that police were doing their duty of trying to maintain social distancing but there are two major issues with what happened today. Firstly, the country is facing a crisis like never before. We are in lockdown which means people could run out of food at any point. There are areas where people do not have access to vegetables and fruits. During such a crucial period or any time for that matter throwing away food that could have been utilized by so many is a shameful act. The police had no right to touch those carts. If they wanted to maintain order they need to be within their limits and do the same.

The second issue with what happened was that our country is divided into strata’s of society. A majority of our population fall under the category of daily wage workers. The vegetable vendors were on the street with their carts for that reason. The money that they would earn would go into feeding their families who like everyone else need to eat to survive. Those vegetable vendors are risking their lives as well to come out in the open and provide food for so many.

No one has the right to abuse other human beings in such a manner nor has anyone ever given the right to others to waste food in this manner. There are people who are starving and then we have police personnel’s performing such activities. We as citizens are immensely proud of our police force for serving us 24×7 but if there are a few rotten fruit in the basket then the whole basket get labelled as tarnished, unfortunately.

Gujarat currently has 82 cases which have been tested positive in Gujarat. Eight new cases have been reported from Ahemdabad itself, which has been declared as a hotspot for COVID-19 in India. Six people have died from Gujarat due to the deadly virus.


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