After Nia Sharma, Sayantani Ghosh will join Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural show Naagin 4

Sayantani Ghosh naagin 4

As the time for Naagin 4 to come on TV is getting closer, new information related to the show is coming out. Everyone has been looking helpless to know about the serpents seen in the show for some time. Meanwhile, news is coming out that Naagin 4 has got another new serpent. This actress is none other than Shayantani Ghosh, seen in the serial Sanjeevani. Sayantani Ghosh is looking beautiful in the avatar of Naagin. Recently, Shayantani Ghosh shared some of her pictures on social media. Shayantani Ghosh looks beautiful in these pictures. Sayantani Ghosh has been seen in the role of Naagin earlier too. Let us tell you, Shayantani Ghosh has appeared in the role of Naagin even before Naagin 4.


Shayantani Ghosh played the role of a serpent named Amrita in the 2007 Zee TV show Naagin. Shayantani Ghosh’s serpent avatar is very much liked by her fans. This is the reason, the pictures of Shayantani Ghosh are becoming quite viral on social media. In addition to Shayantani Ghosh, names of Hasina like Ankita Lokhande and Jasmine Bhasin are coming out for Nagin 4. These days, Shayantani Ghosh is seen in the Star Plus serial Sanjeevani. In this show she appears in the role of Jo Anjali. As of now, Shayantani Ghosh has not finalized her dates for Naagin 4. Anyway, she is currently seen in Sanjeevani 2, which is going to be off air soon. According to the news, Shayantani Ghosh is the third person in the role of Naagin in Naagin 4. It is being told that, it will be seen in an important role with Nagin Nagrani i.e. Nia Sharma.

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“I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going ..and I love it ..because when we are suspended mid air with no landing in sight ,that we force our wings to unravel and begin our flight ..and as we fly,we still may not know where we are going to .But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings ..You may not know where you are going ,but you know that as long as you spread your wings ,the winds will carry you …..” ……. #believeinyourself#selfbelief#belief#faith#trust#chooseyourpath#dream#daretodream#livelife#battleagainstallodds#lifeisbeautiful#lifeisabattle#itsoktofail#failuresaretheroadtosuccess#love#compassion#trust#trustyourself#actor#actorslife#instagrammer#instagood#lovemyjob#nevergiveup ?……………. p.s:- this is my photoshoot for @fitzupofficial @shobhashringar

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Both these pictures are a reflection of ME.One when I was probably my thinnest n so called physically fittest, n d other when I was a bit fuller..I was pondering over d fact dat dere is so much pressure these days to look a certain way. I don’t deny we want to look good ..but look good for who ? Do we really need to prove anything to the world ? I agree my profession also requires me to look a certain way,but then again it’s not exactly about how thin I am,it’s about an overall appeal.its not bout d measuring scale,it’s more bout a dynamic’s really not about any particular diet that’s in trend but about eating a healthy and balanced meal.i won’t Deny for many years I had also enrolled myself into the rat race of belonging to a certain I sit back n think,did I really pay respect to my health ??Health is complete well being..A total culmination of Mind n Body!! Body which doesn’t just look good ,but which is strong enough to do all activities of life on my own,which is flexible enough ,where I can endure opposing situations,where my heart is in the pink of its health,where all my organs function optimally, where my skin,my hair is healthy ..And where d mighty Mind is sound ,layered with positivity n happiness ,where my soul is at peace ..For me health is a life condition whr I’m mostly in a happy state ,yes I agree thr will b sad or angry moments ,but I should hv d capacity to combat those n emerge with a smile on my face ..I should be full of LOVE!!!coz in d end that’s what’s radiates n becomes a true reflection of us ..So I embrace both d versions of Me as seen in both d pictures ..I love myself irrespective of how I look ..N that’s the state I always want to be in ..Strive not for man made standards(which keep on changing)of looking a certain way but strive for a happy n content life !!!I feel immense gratitude for everything ,for a healthy life ?? …N I thank u @anugrah0070 for always motivating me to stay healthy in d true sense ?..? to HEALTH!! ?? #morningmotivation#morningvibes#healthylifestyle#healthiswealth#healthylife#actor#sanjivani#healthybodyandmind#happylife#selflove#selfcare#respectyourself#cherishyourhealth??

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