Afreen Fatima taking a dig at Ravindra Jadeja for wielding a sword, Twitter erupts against Afreen Fatima, #rajputboy trends on social media

ravindra jadeja afreen fatima

Recently cricketer Ravindra Jadeja posted a video wielding a sword and it received many applauses from his fans as well as from other cricketers and the video went viral on social media. Ravindra Jadeja has posted the video with the following caption “A “SWORD” MAY LOOSE IT’S SHINE,BUT WOULD NEVER DISOBEY IT’S MASTER #rajputboy”

Afreen Fatima who is the former student president of Jawaharlal Nehru University, a student activist and councillor has taken a dig at this video. She has posted on Twitter “Just another privileged soul flaunting his caste and sword on Twitter. No offense but the ‘Hashtag Rajput boy’ bit is funny and bigotry at the same time.”

Now this controversial reply from Afreen Fatima has not gone well among Twitteratis and many have come in support of Ravindra Jadeja. Some even commented that while Afreen can wear Burka according to her religion why can’t Jadeja wield sword which is considered to be the traditional weapon of Rajputs. This has gone so far that #rajputboy started trending on social media.



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