Actor Soundararaja claims that Aari is title winner of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil, requests fans to vote for Aari

Actor Soundarraja about Aari

Aari Arjunan’s friend and actor Soundararaja has appealed to fans to vote for his friend to win Bigg Boss 4 Title. Big Boss Season 4, which started on October 4 last year, has now reached its final stage.

Only 6 finalists are remaining: Rio, Aari, Bala, Ramya, Som, and Gabriella. Who will be the winner will be known in 5 days, meanwhile there is an opinion on social media that Aari is the winner.

In this situation, actor and Aari’s friend Soundararaja has pleaded on his social media account to vote for Aari to win the title of season 4. He has also posted a video on his social media account asking everyone to vote for his friend Aari.

Will fans vote for Aari and make him win the title, or will Balaji or Rio secure it as they have support from Vijay TV. We will have to wait and watch.



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