Actor Sathyaraj daughter Divya to join DMK? Here are the details

Sathyaraj Daughter DMK

Every time an assembly election is held in Tamil Nadu, it is suddenly known that the actors and actresses will be campaigning together in a few political parties. In that sense, with the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu set to take place next year, a handful of actors are already starting separate parties and joining a few political parties.

Divya, the daughter of actor Sathyaraj, a nutritionist in that category, has already said that she will join a political party. Now, there are rumors that she is interested in joining DMK.

It has been rumored that the DMK is trying to get Sathyaraj to campaign against Rajinikanth after it was confirmed that Rajinikanth would start a political party in the coming assembly elections. If Sathyaraj’s daughter Divya joins the DMK now, she is expected to campaign across the state to support the DMK and against Rajini. Does Rajinikanth have a problem with Sathyaraj campaigning? Will it affect his political moves? We will have to wait and watch.


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