Ace to Space 2 Voting Poll Results: Who Is Leading and Trailing in this Week’s Voting Results?


Ace to Space Season 2 is entering a very critical phase in the competition. Ace to Space 2 is hosted by Vikas Gupta and kicked off with 24 contestants in this season. Ace to Space 2 will run for 72 days this season.

This week, 8 contestants are battling it out against eviction. It would be interesting to see who gets eliminated in this week’s eviction voting on Ace to Space 2.

Ace to Space 2 Online Voting Procedure via or Voot App

This voting method is applicable for Indian audiences of Ace to Space Season 2.

  • Go to from your browser.
  • Click on the Login button from the top right and login with your Gmail or Facebook account or any other E-mail ID.
  • After logging in, during the voting window, choose the voting window for Ace to Space Season 2 among other Voot or MTV shows and click on participants name to cast your vote.
  • Once the vote is cast, the voter will get an automated message regarding the vote being successfully cast.
  • If the vote is cast after the online voting window is closed, the vote will be considered to be a legitimate vote for the next voting window which opens on the subsequent Monday at 1900 Hrs.
  • There will be no charges applicable for the vote casting procedure through any of the Ace to Space 2 voting procedures.
  • Irrespective of the number of votes cast by an individual with the same contact details, only 1 vote per person will be considered for the voting process.

Voting Deadline : Fridays 09:00AM


Ace to Space 2 Voting Online Poll – Vote to Save Your Favorite Contestant!

Which Contestant Will Be Saved This Week?

Luv Tyagi
Mandeep Gujjar
Manhar Seth
Salman Zaidi




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